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Hello my friends! This is Barrie, from Hardly A Goddess blog as your host today. This is my first time hosting here on Friday Frenzy, so I thought I’d introduce myself by telling you 5 things about me, and then share 5 of my favorite posts from last week! So here’s 5 things about me:

1) I like coffee 2) I like my kids (and husband)  3) I read a lot  4) I cook more for my family than for pleasure and 5) I wish it was the other way around.

How’d I do? Thought I’d keep it simple for you all and give you a giggle if you like that sort of thing! Without further delay, here are my favorites from last week’s Friday Frenzy:

Irish Cream Chocolate Oatmeal Porridge , from All That’s Jas
This is so pretty, so healthy, but with the little guilty-pleasure of the chocolate and Irish cream in there, making for a great Saturday morning breakfast!

Chocolate on a High Protein Diet? Yes!, from Reviews, Chews, and How-tos
There are so many people who are trying to eat healthy, but still want their chocolate fix without undoing all that hard work…this looked fantastic!

Easy Framed Peg Board, from My Pinerventures
I love organizing, though admittedly suffer from lack of the same, but this peg board has so many fun uses that I thought it was great!

New England Boiled Dinner, from The Kitchen Is My Playground
This recipe is classic, noted by the old-fashioned recipe she uses, and with St. Paddy’s Day coming up, I thought it was a good one to pin now, for later!

Roasted Artichokes from Little House, Big Alaska
I can’t tell you how much I love dipping artichokes…an excuse for all that butter! I like this roasted version and can bet it has way more flavor even, than steamed artichokes. Definitely trying this one!

So that’s it for me! Please pin these featured posts before linking your own below~ I can’t wait to see what you share this week! ~ Barrie at Hardly A Goddess

No-Bake Strawberry Slab Pie #SundaySupper

While we’re in the midst of Florida Strawberry Season, I thought to make an easy, no-bake pie to feed a crowd. A crunchy white chocolate cookie crust topped with fresh berries… Add some fresh whipped cream, and I am in strawberry heaven!

No-Bake Strawberry Slab Pie (9)

This post is sponsored by Florida Strawberry in conjunction with a social media campaign through Sunday Supper LLC. All opinions are my own.

If you have read this blog before, you know my favorite dessert hands-down, is strawberry shortcake. Hands. Down. It brings me right to the feels of long summer days, followed by long summer nights. The sweet summer berries and a simple crust, covered in creamy, cool fresh whipped cream. It’s just so….Summer!

Florida Strawberries are juicy and amazingly sweet!

Aren’t those beautiful?! Naturally sweet and they smell so good! In New York, we only got strawberries in June and maybe a little of July if the frost was late, but Floridians…Their season is December through April. Seriously! I would be jealous, except luckily for me, my grocer stocks beautiful Florida Strawberries right now, when I am just feeling like the winter is getting a bit too long! I can’t wait for this again:

Strawberry Picking in June!

Now, I am not making strawberry shortcake today. I thought since, many of my readers don’t love to bake that I would share a no-bake recipe. You don’t need your oven for this one- just a stove top! No bake desserts are often simpler and easier to make than baked desserts (and some are healthier- but not this one as I wasn’t going for that!).  I thought, too, that since I often entertain, and need a dessert to feed a crowd, that many of you might need this too- so enter, the slab pie idea. I love slab pies- they are easy to make, rustic by nature, set up well, and feed a lot of people! The fact that this pie tastes an awful lot like strawberry shortcake is just a happy coincidence….but maybe I kinda-sorta planned it like this! Yuuum!

It really is easy too. You make the crust by crushing vanilla filled sandwich cookies:

Cookie crumbs for No-Bake Strawberry Slab Pie

Then you add in melted chocolate and crumble it first to get it in the pan, then you press it all in a pan and freeze for 10 minutes:

Cookie crumbs for No-Bake Strawberry Slab Pie

See how it’s crumbly? Then you press it, until firm, like this:

Cookie crumbs for No-Bake Strawberry Slab Pie

Stem and halve the strawberries, setting them in the pan:

No-Bake Strawberry Slab Pie

Cover with the strawberry filling and chill:

No-Bake Strawberry Slab Pie

Then you just top with your favorite whipped cream, and enjoy!

No-Bake Strawberry Slab Pie

Here’s a printable recipe which I adapted from this recipe, to make this No-Bake Strawberry Slab Pie for you:

No-Bake Strawberry Slab Pie #SundaySupper

Yield: 10-12 large servings

A no-bake pie that feeds a lot of people, this Strawberry Slab Pie is a fantastic way to enjoy Florida Strawberries!


    For the crust
  • 10 ounces white melting chocolate
  • 30 ounce package vanilla sandwich cookies (about 40 cookies)
  • For the filling
  • 4, 16 ounce containers of Florida strawberries
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 4 TBSP cornstarch
  • 1 ¾ cups water
  • 1 cup crushed strawberries
  • One 3 oz. package strawberry gelatin


  1. Prepare a half-sheet pan, by spraying with non-stick spray and lining the bottom with parchment. Make sure you have enough room in your freezer and refrigerator to set the pie on a level area.
  2. First, make the crust:
  3. Using a food processor, crush the cookies until smooth and no chunks remain. Do this in batches, emptying the cookies into a large mixing bowl. Set aside.
  4. In a glass bowl, melt the chocolate in the microwave at full power, for 30 second intervals. Stir every 30 seconds, and continue until melted.
  5. Add the chocolate to the crumbs and mix until totally combined.
  6. Crumble this mixture into the prepared sheet pan evenly, and then press down to fill an even layer in the pan.
  7. Freeze for at least 10 minutes. If your freezer isn’t big, refrigerate the crust for 1-2 hours.
  8. While this sets up, Make the Strawberry Filling:
  9. Wash, stem, and cut all the strawberries in half. Take one cup of these, and crush them with a potato masher. The remainder of strawberries, you can set aside for now.
  10. In a medium saucepan, over medium heat, add 2 cups of sugar and 4 Tbsp. cornstarch. Whisk them together. Add the water and the 1 cup of crushed strawberries. Bring to a simmer, constantly stirring and cook for 1-2 minutes until it thickens up. Turn off the heat and stir in the strawberry gelatin until combined. Set this aside to cool for a bit.
  11. Remove your crust from the freezer and layer the halved strawberries in a uniform direction. Pour the cooled gelatin mixture over the strawberries, taking care to cover it entirely so no crust peeks through. Chill for at least 3 hours so it sets up.
  12. Slice into squares, and serve with whipped cream.


You can certainly make this with a graham crust too, using prepared cookie crumbs to cut even more time from the recipe prep.

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No-Bake Strawberry Slab Pie (4)

Just look at that crust! And those berries! I wish for the second time, that you could smell this- it brings summer right to mind!  Aren’t we lucky?! I just love my Florida Strawberries to get my fix in the middle of a Northeast winter like this!

No-Bake Strawberry Slab Pie (6)

If you don’t have them available at your store, be sure to ask your grocery store to stock them, because they will if you ask!

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No Bake Strawberry Slab Pie

This post is sponsored by Florida Strawberry in conjunction with a social media campaign through Sunday Supper LLC. All opinions are my own.


Vegetarian Jambalaya #SoupSwappers

The Saturday Soup Swappers share soup once, monthly on a theme. This month’s theme we are  exploring the wonderful flavors of the Creole and Cajun cuisines!

Vegetarian Jambalaya
It is said that Creole cuisine is “city food” and Cajun cuisine is “country food”. I have no idea if this Jambalaya fits into that idea, but I adapted it from the (affiliate link) Sundays at Moosewood Cookbook, and the original recipe says its Creole…so city. But honestly, it is very country to me: Hearty, thick, tons of veg, over rice…very country.

Vegetarian Jambalaya

Here’s the recipe:

Vegetarian Jambalaya #SoupSwappers

Vegetarian Jambalaya #SoupSwappers

This is a fun, colorful, and hearty vegetarian soup- that is even better the next day!


  • 2 TBSP. olive oil
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped fine
  • 3 carrots, peeled & chopped
  • 2 stalks celery, chopped
  • 2 cups various colored peppers,seeded & chopped
  • 1 cup chopped okra (frozen or fresh)
  • 28 ounce can crushed or diced tomatoes
  • 2 tsp. dried basil
  • 1 tsp. oregano
  • 1/8 tsp. allspice (don't leave this out!)
  • 1/4 tsp. cayenne
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/4 tsp. ground black pepper
  • !For the Roux
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 1/3 cup unbleached white flour


    Start your roux first
  1. In a heavy bottomed pan (I used cast iron), heat the oil over medium heat until hot, but not smoking. Test by sprinkling a pinch of flour into the oil- if it floats away you can add the flour, whisking to form a smooth paste. Lower the heat to a very low-simmer and continue to whisk/stir for about 30 minutes, while you are cooking the rest of the soup. You want it to be caramel colored, but take care not to burn this.
  2. While that works, make the soup
  3. In a large soup pot,add the 2 Tbsp. of olive oil and heat to medium. Add the onions and let them sweat a bit. Then add the garlic, carrots, celery and peppers. Cook for 5 minutes.
  4. Add the okra, tomatoes, broth and spices. Cover, and simmer until your carrots are soft.
  5. Stir in the roux when it's finished and continue to cook for another 10 minutes at a low simmer.
  6. Serve over rice.


Serve with chopped scallions, parsley, cheese, over rice or another hearty grain.

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Vegetarian Jambalaya
Cajun or Creole…soup or stew….it is up to you! Check out some more fun recipes with this theme:

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