Coffee: My Favorite Meal of the Day


Please don’t tell me to switch to tea.

Please don’t tell me to try adding things to my coffee to make it more nutritional (butter, enzymes, minerals)

No. I like my coffee, black.  That is all.  Occasionally, I like a little bit of sweet in it, or a little cream…but then it is dessert.  Not my morning-coffee.

I know I should go organic, or herbal, or bulletproof. These are all healthier for me, I am sure.  But I tried to add coconut-oil today, and blend it to a froth (doesn’t it look good?), and tried to enjoy it…but I just couldn’t. I don’t really love the taste of coconut oil {gasp!}…or the texture {what?!}



I know you might be incredulous at this admission from me, but I just can’t mess with the one addiction that I have. Yes, I can do half-caff. That is fine.  But leave the rest of it alone, and leave me one vice and addiction that I can enjoy whenever I can~

Menu Plan Monday: Week 4, Whole 30

whole 30 week 4

So, this week is a bit different.  I am entering the last phases..but not the last week of the Whole 30.  This is Days 21-27 in case you are following along- and if you are not, this still may be of use to you I hope!

1 Travel-no idea! Travel-no idea! Travel-no idea! Eggs with avocado, aidells chix. Sausage berries Homemade sausage, greens, salsa egg, avocado, and tomato salad, leftover roasted potatoes Homemade sausage, fried egg, monkey salad (banana, and cashews)


2       Tuna with avocado, salad W30 dressing, orange Salad with salmon cake, mixed berries nuts Salad with salmon cake, orange Salmon cakes over salad, apple with sunbutter
3     Pork Chops, broccoli, sweet potato Ratatouie, and turkey burger (no bun), baked sweet potato Grilled Greek Chicken (kalyn’s blog), roasted potatoes, asparagus Steak on grill, grilled veggies Soup- salad

Next week will be my last meal plan for Whole 30-Whoot, whoot!  In case you want other recipes that are NOT necessarily Whole 30, check out my Recipe Archives.  Have a great Monday!

Whole 30 Must Haves

Day17 lunch Whole30

So I am on day 19 (I lost a day somewhere, and didn’t log my food…) of the Whole 30 program experiment. Day 19, people.  That is 19 days without:

  • dairy
  • alcohol
  • soy, corn, grain of any kind
  • sugar
  • some other things that my brain forgot, I am sure!

Since I am a wiz at subtraction, that means I have 11 days left.  Yes, please.

I may learn to have loved this little test, but right now I am not feeling it at all.  In fact, my main focus right now is all MENTAL.  Yes, I am mental, but I mean, I have to think about all the positive things like how I have been sugar-free for 19 days- that is right in line with my goals really, of staying off sugar for this long! Check out my Whole 30 Food Log (so far) and it should give you some idea of my “meals & feels” along the way!

Since, I know some of you might be doing a Whole 30, which is maybe why you stumbled here, or thinking of doing one, in which case, I want to point you to, a few must-haves for the ride!

  • Coconut aminos
  • Clarified butter
  • Avocados
  • Raw nuts
  • Sweet Potatoes 
  • Apples and Sunbutter
  • Any Whole 30 soup made ahead
  • Any Whole 30 vinaigrette made ahead
  • A Whole 30 book, and their resources
  • 20150429_213814
  • A paper or online, food journal (like my food Log)

Truly, I am glad to have tried this, and I hope I have some changes in my energy level.  According to the Whole 30 Plan Timeline (which you need to check out if you want to do this plan), I should have “Tiger Blood” as they like to call it- I think that means boundless energy and feeling awesome: no crankiness, intestinal problems, heavy legs….So I am still waiting for this blood.  I want it coursing through my every cell.  It doesn’t even need to be a tiger…perhaps a bear.  I am just sick of the “sloth blood”- it is just not working for me!

But even this sloth looks less cranky than I seem to be! Source: Public Domain, Wikimedia