2014 National Women’s Soccer Team

I had the chance, courtesy of my Dad, to see the 2014 National Women’s Soccer Team play France last night.  It was in Connecticut in a great stadium, that had a crowd of almost 15, 000 watching these amazing women play for a steady 90 minutes.  Think about that.  Think about your workout of 30 minutes, and then think about doing it four more times.  Or even an hour workout.  Try doing it steadily or even harder for 30 more minutes.  These girls are in incredible shape. That alone would inspire a casual fan to get moving themselves!

Women’s World Cup 2003, Image Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dare_to_Dream:_The_Story_of_the_U.S._Women%27s_Soccer_Team

Most of the players are very young compared to me now, but two have birthdays in the 70’s. The “oldest” in 1975. That means she is 38 playing professional soccer.  Awesome! She is a force I am sure.  I was amazed at the endurance, but the speed on the turf surface for the ball, and then the power they struck a ball, and agility to spin away and maintain an awareness of everyone on the field in relation to them was an embodiment of every type of fitness workout out there!

It was inspiring, and got my creative juices going for pushing myself in working out as well as mixing it up to get the best conditioning.  Currently, I am sitting on my behind…but soon, I may be getting up and pushing to the limit people, so lookout!

If you are interested as I am, with 2 budding future great women’s soccer players, to see more US National Women’s Soccer, the World Cup for them is next year (whoot whoot!) in Canada.  All this fall they will be playing games to finalize which countries will play in the Women’s World Cup.  Should be exciting…AND motivating!