Ultimate Coffee- September

ultimate coffeeI loved chatting with you all in July for the link-up with other bloggers at Ultimate Coffee Date LinkUp, doing a coffee-talk type post to share randomness on the first Saturday of the month, which happens to be Labor Day Weekend…this makes the coffee taste so much more YUM,, on a long weekend and when we have it together don’t you agree?

If we were sitting on my porch having coffee, You here’s what I’d tell you today:

It was the 1st day of school for my now, 3rd and 5th graders this week… We are still waiting to take the twins to kindergarten next week…I will cry.  Crying now. Wahhhh. & Yeaaaaa! My body has no idea how to feel on this one! We shall see…

school firsts

I am trying to eat healthier so I made a go-to list of healthy foods (link), and revamped my idea of what dessert looks like. Instead of ice cream and chocolate anything, I decided that fruit is my friend. At least that is what the fruit tells me. So the fruits and I are are in a relationship this month in the form of snacks and dessert. I have to have something and this will be the sweet stuff instead of SUGAR. Which will be hard…because I really like sugar. Does Pie Count? Chocolate Zucchini Bread?  I feel like it is at least closer to a good choice.

I am still reviewing a great cookbook- I like it, but I just haven’t had the time to make any of the food! So you will all have to wait.

While we’re speaking of books, I just finished a book, and started another. I have been trying to finish the same book for 3 months. I just got a new one, so it’s time for this one:book

…to be done.  I like it a lot…I just don’t feel the urge to turn the pages so fast. It’s not a quick one for me at all. Enjoying it though.

Football season started, which we all know of course, for me it just feels like this means fall is here….and I LOVE IT! Enough with the nay-sayers about the end of summer days and cooler nights- I say ‘bring it on!’ I love the fall, and I love having 4 seasons! The worst weather, is the same thing every single day! I can’t wait for apple picking, pumpkin smelling candles, leaves falling, mitten wearing, blanket snuggling, and all the other fun that goes with this time. September has the bonus of being sunny and warm, where some days have a crisp morning and warm day… I love this.  I know it isn’t everyone’s thing, as I have written about this before, but I look forward to a new routine and fun this September.

I am still training for the marathon…I am maybe doing a fun-run and a competitive run this month, so hopefully I will stay un-injured. Here was today’s run:



And to be honest, it wasn’t so bad. I took some Advil and stretched a lot, but maybe tomorrow morning I will be on crutches. We shall also see on this one!

Well- that about does it. I hope you have a great day. Lemme know how your September is shaping up in the comments. Do you love Fall or hate it? 

10 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee- September

  1. fitnessmomwinecountry

    I love fall and football season. NFL and watching our son play high school football woop woop
    I remember when they were younger and heading of to kinder, I was always a room parent or sitting on the PTO while the kids were in elementary school. I loved it.
    Thank you for having coffee with us this weekend, enjoy the holiday 🙂

  2. Lucie Palka

    September is my favorite month of the year. Not only does it usually get cooler (so far the weather has been the hottest it’s been all summer) but it’s my birthday month (Yay) and here in Niagara, we celebrate wine almost all month (horray! ) Good luck on your marathon training. I Hope the weather cooperates for you.

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