3 Things: Wednesday Workout Inspiration

Workout inspiration.  Everyone needs it. Not everyone wants it.

I find inspiration in so many things, in so many aspects in my life, but as far as staying healthy, the inspiration always comes from within…I have learned this in my “ole-age!”  When I was younger, pictures of other people doing amazing things was inspiring.  It still is to a certain extent, but finding my own way to be the best me- and feel good wearing a t-shirt without worrying about my muffin/full-sized cake-top is inspiring {and actually hasn’t happened yet- I don’t wear many t-shirts comfortably anymore…wahwah}

Motivation is a totally separate animal I think…I need to motivate myself to do something, and planning a workout schedule does that for me. If you remember from this post, I had a plan…and I have updated it with the actual workouts that I have done in RED:

Week ends Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
April 4 stretch & rest OFF 3 m run & weights 35 min cross- SPIN 2.0 m run + strength weights/stretch 50 min cross 5.3 m run weights 4 2.5 m run
April 11 stretch & rest 3 5 m run & weights Stretch/weights 40 min cross- SPIN  2.0 m run + strength weights/stretch 50 min cross 2.5 m run weights 4.5  m run OFF
April 18 stretch & rest OFF 3 m run & weights Stretch/Weights 40 min cross Spin 2.0 m run + strength 50 min cross 3.5 m run weights 5.5 m run
April 25 stretch & rest 3 m run/ weights 45 min cross SPIN This is TODAY!2.0 m run + strength 60 min cross weights 5.5 m run
MAY 2 stretch & rest 3 m run /weights 30 min cross 2.0 m run + strength 60 min cross Rest 10-K Race

Not like you are following exactly-  but do you see what I mean about planning? I have to be flexible with my mind and allow myself the wiggle room of switching around workouts according to my needs as a mom and person of my own but without putting it on paper, I would not be motivated or guided in any way or shape.  I slept in a few days. I took off a few days. I cross trained, and did a few runs in-between.  I am scheduling my weights and stretching…never.  I have never. done. that.  Shaking things up, my friends!  Trying to stay motivated AND inspired.

Here is my wordless-Wednesday inspiration for my own workouts:

Summed up with  3 Things that inspire me:

Inspiration: Running with friends, new sneakers, and a finisher's medal.

Inspiration: Running with friends, new sneakers, and a finisher’s medal.

  • Running with Friends

  • New sneakers

  • A Finisher’s Medal…and also this picture.

It is sometimes just the memory of how good I feel after a long run, or staying NOT-injured enough to be able to run even just a mile- that keeps me inspired to train slowly and cross-train to keep myself the healthiest!

I am linking up with the ladies at WOW- Workout Wednesday Linkup for great posts on working out.

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What Inspires or motivates you to workout or stay healthy?

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  1. Femme Fitale Fit Club

    I like how you break down and separate the definitions of inspiration vs. motivation. You are exactly right. I thought your 3 inspirations were bright socks. LOL Glad you cleared that up. #wowlinkup

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