30 bags in 30 days

One of my favorite blogs, Clover Lane has inspired me by doing what she calls, 40 Bags in 40 Days. Her reasons are for Lent, but mine are for getting rid of extra stuff on a regular schedule to stay organized and motivated. I will do only 30 bags though, because i am not sure that I have that much stuff, and I am not sure that I want to do this for 40 days! Since, I don’t practice Lent, I am allowing for this small change! I know that Many of us can get very distracted by the overwhelming task of cleaning out junk. I get started in one room, wander into another, just to create more mess, and never finish what I started to begin with.

My plan is to go to each room, one day. Make bags or bins:
To keep and hand me down
To donate
To sell

The problem is that I keep a lot, but I try not to throw away too much, as I feel so guilty just consuming and then not reusing or repurposing all that stuff. The craft room may be the last to get done, as it is a mass of clutter, and may take 3-4 days!

So I think I will just use garbage bags, and try to keep the give-away pile far away from the kid-hoarders.

Wish me luck. I will keep you posted.

Day 1: upstairs bathroom (kids)

Thought that I’d be better off starting in a small room with not too much stuff.

Okay. 5 minutes only to clean under the sink and both drawers. I decided to add one hall closet, and 10 minutes later, I already feel more on top of things. I think my problem is the stopping. Once I get going, I kind of want to jump in. I guess it will wait until I have to switch out all the winter clothes for spring….yuck. Now that will be a big job.