31 Days of Fall Clean Up & De-Cluttering

Join me for 31 Days of De-Cluttering!

Join me for 31 Days of De-Cluttering!

I will be joining another blog’s journey to de-clutter for the 31 days of October.  To me, the decluttering process is all year long, but a “spring cleaner” I am not.  I am more in tune to cleaning in the Fall season, before we hunker down and spend all kinds of time indoors.  To finally see the left behind traces of summer’s dirty bare feet on couches, and grime in the windowsills is better tackled at the end of the outside days.  I look forward to a clean house, that smells of candles and cinnamon…and not dirty feet.

On that note, I decided that joining a more organized challenge (you know I love a good “challenge” to motivate me) would be a great way to pace myself through the month.  Especially nice to finish at Halloween, and birthday celebration time, and after lots of busy activities to keep us moving right along.  I may not make it alone, so doing with 12, 000 others seems like a good plan!  In fact, I signed up to have every day’s “assignment” delivered to my email inbox (I may regret this!) to keep me on track!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to address every inch of this house to work in a more orderly way. Purge. Weed. Organize!

If you want to follow along, I am looking at the Living Well, Spending Less, “31 days to a clutter free home, schedule and life.”  Sounds divine to me.

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