Bacon New Again

Kids on vacation. Play date at my house. Cleaning my stovetop. Face it, please: moms hang out in the kitchen, and I HAD to do atleast this! Actually, unless, people are coming, over, I am not sure my house would get clean at all!

What is better than breakfast for dinner for kids, or pajamas all day? How about breakfast for lunch? Chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, fruit, and pastries for dessert.

Bacon?! On the newly cleaned stove? I have never done it, but am now a convert to bacon in the oven. It is super easy, not messy at all, and my stovetop is clean as a whistle! Nice. There are lots of techniques…some that propose the “key” to success is a cold oven to start. In my opinion, there was no need. I put the bacon in the oven, after I had preheated half way to temp. No problem. The result is flat, crispy bacon. Delicious! My inspiration was the recipe from the kitchnblog.

Line a baking pan that has an edge around it with foil to contain drips. Spray foil lightly. Prheat oven to 400*. Lay bacon flat. I split one package of bacon in two pans, to minimize the grease it would sit in. Your choice here though, I think. Cook 20 minutes, but check after 12 minutes and keep an eye, as it cooks quickly, and I bet could also burn easily. Remove and drain onto a plate lined with paper towels to soak up the oil. Delish!



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