5 Friday Favorites: Boring, but Mine!

Happy Friday. I hope you had a nice week. I am thankful for sososo much in my life- not exciting stuff, just he routine family on-the-run stuff.  I am healthy, my kids are healthy.  I know how lucky I am.  So this week I have put together 5 “normal” things that I am really happy for this week. These may boring, but their mine!

Friday Favorite Things of the Week:

1. My Watch


This is my honkin’-huge GPS watch. I treated myself last summer, and never even used it because I wasn’t used to wearing a watch- or anything attached to my body while running.  Now that I am starting up again, I I actually really like this watch now- It’s little tweaks have grown on me! I set the GPS and it starts working usually 1 mile after I have already started running! HAha on me…I truly do like this watch though- I just need to remember to set it 15 minutes before I leave the house, so the GPS can sync-up! Knowing how fast, how far, and of course the time I have before I need to get back to the house…is essential.

2. Spring Flowers


These are the beautiful flowers that I am so lucky to have growing, through no effort from me, in my yard.

Can you stand it? They are so pretty, and equally as wonderful smelling! These are my #1-flower favorite.  Peonies are my #2 fave and the good news is that mine are getting very close to blooming soon!

3. Field Trips

field trip

I took today as a vacation-day from work to take my boys to their last pre-school field trip.  I am so excited and also feeling a little sad/happy/surprised to see them growing up so fast! This is a picture of their trip TODAY!  Love.

4. Spring Kid-Sports

T-ball, softball, soccer…all way better to watch than gymnastics or swimming- indoors. There is something so parent-y about sitting in a field chair, getting sunburned or rained on, while watching the kids move together as one, like a school of fish (soccer). We are lucky enough to have playgrounds at the same fields usually to keep the other, non-playing kids busy, but all in all, it is very social and very relaxing for me. It just feels right.

5. The cleaning-toothbrush

Now, this one is gross. I get it.  But it is the BEST cleaning tool that I have, PLUS it is an up-cycling of something I would otherwise throw away! I use my old toothbrushes to clean those little teeny tiny places, like the dishwasher ,or the grout, or the sink drain.  I even use a toothbrush for cleaning my rings instead of the flimsy little brush that comes with the jewelry cleaner. It is a favorite tool- boring, but true!


You can see from my list, that this was not an exciting week:

1)I went running finally, 2)picked some flowers for my table, 3)chaperoned a kid’s school outing, 4)watched lots of sports, and 5)cleaned.

Seriously? I need to get out more! I look forward to a more exciting weekend, but I am very okay with  the regularity and routine of my real-life…it is sometimes… quite easy.

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3 thoughts on “5 Friday Favorites: Boring, but Mine!

    1. hardlyagoddess@gmail.com Post author

      Sorry- I have a texting phone- no iphone or Android…hence the GPS watch…I have so much to track already…my fitness is on paper!!! Have you used it for a while? Thoughts? Likes/Dislikes? Tell me WHY I should!

      1. Marisa

        Ok you can log your workouts manually – you don’t need a smartphone. Do it online and we can “train” together even while so far apart. It’s so motivating!!! And I only have male STRAVA friends right now. So I need some more training mates!!

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