5 Great Chicken Recipes to Get Out of a Dinner Rut

I have such a fun post for you today! In order to give you the best ideas to get you meal planning, I thought a quick round-Up of great chicken recipes that I have actually made (not just pictures off Pinterest that you might never make!) to help you with your meal planning and your mojo.

To be perfectly honest, I love food. I love talking about food, love finding new recipes, and of course love eating!  But with the everyday cooking of meals around the clock, I can get into a cooking rut way too easily and lose any motivation to cook for anyone, let alone make it delicious.  Like most you I browse Pinterest for ideas, and have a ton of pins, but have only made a handful that will truly fit in my meal planning for the family.  Thinking of the few that I have found and loved, I wanted to give you these basics to use for when you have different types of chicken and need a family dinner.

I am including one best recipe each for chicken breasts, legs, thighs, ground chicken and whole chicken.  These are links from blogs that I have found with recipes that I have actually made and love! Here you go:

Chicken Breasts:

Crispy Baked Nuggets from Hardly A Goddess

crispy chicken nuggets


Yes, this is from me.  I had too. These are the best I have had! I am so missing my oven right now.  These are getting made as soon as we find a new one to replace the dead-one!

Chicken Legs:

Oven Baked Chicken Legs with AWESOME Chicken Scratch Seasoning from South Your Mouth:

Get the recipe and Pin it directly from: http://www.southyourmouth.com/2013/04/oven-barbequed-chicken.html

I added the caps above when I said “AWESOME” to emphasize how truly yum this is.  Did it work? Do you want to make them now? I would put her “Chicken Scratch” (It even sounds southern! LOVE it!) Chicken Seasoning on anything and everything chicken…It can be pretty spicy, so for the kids, I just dust their pieces with the seasoning…and drench ours!  I mix it up and keep it in an emptied spice container with a shaker top.

Chicken Thighs

Man Pleasing Chicken from Witty In the City:

Get the recipe and Pin it from here: http://www.wittyinthecity.com/2011/08/man-pleasing-chicken/

This is dijon mustard and pure maple syrup. Hot and sweet…Need I say more? My kids love it too, so I call it, “chicken my kids will eat.” It’s got a nice ring to it, right? lol! Seriously delicious, I have made this with boneless thighs, chicken legs, and chicken breasts. Love this.

Ground Chicken

I use ground chicken in everything that I would normally use ground meat for.  I just like it more than ground turkey, which for me, I think has a weird taste, and unless there is a good sale on grass-fed beef, I don’t like using beef.  Chicken is a very inexpensive and easy option for us a lot of the time…But my picky eater doesn’t like ground meats, so I just don’t use it a lot.  When I do, I use it for my meatballs, or tacos, mixed with pureed beans and my taco seasoning.

Or, when we are grilling and want burgers, this is a great recipe from Julie’s Eats and Treats:

Get the recipe and Pin it from here: http://www.julieseatsandtreats.com/2013/03/chicken-ranch-burgers-2/

She has a great recipe that includes breadcrumbs to keep the chicken binded and from falling apart on the grill.  It is for Ranch-burgers, and even though I am not crazy about ranch flavor, the rest of the seasonings in this recipe makes for the perfect chicken burger.

Or, finally, I make my meatloaf with chicken and make it mini-sized for mini-people.

Whole Chicken

I make a whole chicken just about every other week.  If I roast it, it makes usually one dinner, and then one more if I make soup with the bones that are left over.  I make it in the crockpot, like in this April ‘s menu plan, then I get another meal out of it, and the broth, which is pretty much award winning- So yum!

I make an oven roasted chicken a lot too- the Herb Roasted Chicken from my beloved Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook, but  I have tried this roasted Grecian Chicken version from
Sweet C’s Designs and it is really good:

Greek Chicken

Get the full recipe and Pin it from here: http://sweetcsdesigns.com/dutch-oven-grecian-chicken/

So there you have it.

A great listing of some of my most favorite recipes (and well used)  for cooking chicken.  I hope that you make them all and check out other recipes from these lady bloggers. After being in a chicken rut, finding new recipes is how I have fallen a little bit in love with chicken again. Thank goodness, since it’s about all my kids like to eat too!


chicken round up


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