5 Things to Know Visiting Hershey Park

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We just went to Chocolate World & Hershey Park over Memorial Day weekend and since we have been before, we made some good decisions this time around that made the trip so much easier and more enjoyable for us all.

  1. We stayed at a hotel with a kitchen and a suite.  We stayed at the Main Stay Suites in Hershey (actually Grantville) and not only was it cheaper than staying in Hershey, more options for rooms were available, and it was super clean and the people friendly.  They served breakfast every morning, and there was a great pool for the kids to enjoy when we were just relaxing back at the room.  A bonus was the mini-golf on the third floor too, which was perfect for my kids- It had a game room, which we avoided but older kids might love that type of diversion. The kitchen was perfect for stowing extras for breakfast and also for keeping snacks, and drinks for our trip.
  2. We got our tickets at Giant Food Stores.  The tickets were at a large discount when purchased at Giant.  There are three in the Hershey area that are easy to find with GPS and not far from the park, so you could pick up the night before you go without too much problem.  I know you can get them ahead of time too from AAA, which is also better than buying right at the park.
  3. Parking Is NOT Free.  Hershey Park and Chocolate World are totally separate places and therefore tickets and also parking.  While Hershey Park is easy to do an entire day (we did 10am-10pm- open to close!), Chocolate World can be done fast!  So Chocolate World we did the next day- The parking for Chocolate World is FREE and is fast to get through.  Hershey Park parking is not free, but you can get a voucher from Giant (see #2) when you buy 2 adult tickets to save you $15.!
  4. The Hershey Park is not friendly to outside food being brought in.  Erg.  You know how I like to save money and junk by bring snacks…so I snuck some in (shhh!) Just a few that would fit in my purse. They do search your bags before you go in though, so sneak at your own ristk- they may confiscate your snacks and toss- ergErg#2.  They do allow one water bottle for every person in your group- so I got 6 in- If you brought refillable water bottles, I am not sure if these are allowed- you should check.  We just kept refilling the plastic ones at the water fountains when we saw them!
  5. Bring a backpack with a bathing suit, towel and flipflops for the kids.  OR let them wear their own backpacks…but with this you run the risk of them leaving said backpack behind (like we did)!  There is a whole half of this park that is called the Boardwalk and is a water slide, and water park loveliness- after a day of hot line-waiting, my littles stayed in a splash pad on steroids, while my husband and bigger kids went down the slides. We all could do the lazy river though, and all of these are somewhat far away from eachother- so we needed the flip flops.  At each ride, there are little cubbies for the shoes and towel, which you retrieve when done, but so worth having, and also not using your shoes in case they get wet.  There are changing rooms and locker to rent (more $$!) for $15 or $20.  We stayed in that section for three hours so knowing our belongings were locked for that long was well worth the expense!

Overall, we had a super visit.  There are a lot of other places to visit right in Hershey, like the caves (think stalagtites/stalagmites 5th grade science!), Troeg’s Brewery (YUM! and they do tours- very family friendly and adult oasis!), and lots of others that I am sure you could find on your own. I looked at TripAdvisor for some good tips, and we also had family in the area that was our main diversion from the parks to keep us super busy.


There are many rides for little people- my boys are 42 inches and went on most rides with few exceptions.  And when my husband had to do the scariest rides, we all played the midway games and met up after! The first and last hours at the park-especially the last hours before they close, are the best for short lines, so it is easy to get to all those last-minute have-to’s!

hershey park

I was NOT compensated in any way for this post- though wouldn’t it be nice to be paid in chocolate?! I just really liked our visit- and can’t wait to go back soon~


So…I am afraid of heights. This was my hardest ride of all! Pretty, but deceptively scary!

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