Results and a New Goal

I think I can, I think I can....

I think I can, I think I can….

Results from my 1/2 Marathon:

120 out of 200 runners
5th in my age bracket: 40-44, of which there were 17.
9:11 minute pace per mile
2 hours and 10 seconds total time

If I am honest with myself, I am kind of disappointed not placing in my age group. The 3rd place there did a 8:21 pace mile, and was 42. So maybe I will improve with age!
I am very pleased with my time though. It is faster than my 10:00 per mile goal. I knew I would finish, but didn’t know if my legs (knees) could handle this, and they actually felt better as I went…which normally would be a relief, but knowing that numbness and warm muscles can mask injury, I wasn’t totally sure, until after the race and knowing my knees are intact and surprisingly feel good!
After resting Friday and Saturday, I did a little run/walk with my daughter, which made it more of a walk, as we held hands and just shared a little time away from the crazy boys in the house. It felt good. The IT bands hurt a little, but I have new sneakers (my present from my mom after the race!) that I wanted to try out a bit and test my legs too.

My plan for workouts after this half marathon are:

Nothing for 3-4 days
Walking or another cross training that is NOT running for 2 days
Week after- for me will be Thursday, run 3-4 miles
Resume a training plan…maybe. According to the Hal Higdon plan, he actually schedules a half marathon during week 8 or 9 of the marathon plan. So if I want to jump into his marathon plan, I could.
Here is his plan from week 8:

Plan From Week 8 adapted from Hal Higdon Plan

Plan From Week 8 adapted from Hal Higdon Plan

So I would start from WEEK 9. I think I could test this out and week 10 is my family’s vacation week, so I can do this too. That would mean I have 9 more weeks to train for a marathon. The one that I thought I might do is mid October. It works out perfectly if I start this now. Oh boy. Getting real.
Ready, set, GOAL.

“A Jug Fills Drop By Drop.” -Buddha