8 Years Old! Everafter High Girls Birthday Party

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Everafter High Birthday

My (now) eight year old had a very happy birthday with 20 of her closest friends for an Everafter High Birthday celebration this weekend…at my house.

Yes. Yes, I did.

Will I do it again? No.
At least I won’t have 21 eight-or-so year old girls at my house- or nine- or ten year olds, for any big party like that again. It actually didn’t bother me so much, except that the noise level was just too hard on many of the kids. Having them all in the house at once…Whoa. Have you thanked your kid’s teachers yet? Please do. Your kids act WAY different away from you and with 21 of their friends. But anyhoo…

With this little bit aside, all the girls (from 5 year-olds to 9) loved this party! The games were really fun, and my AWE-some cousin, came to help, and she literally saved me by employing her talents as a teacher and getting the kids to listen (counting down from 10) to her play a couple of games (charades and “I have a number under 100..”). These were key components to making the last 15 minutes prior to pick-up time, a bit calmer.

The line-up for the day, was this:
If you are familiar with Everafter High, from these books:

than you know the setting for the story is high school, and the characters are the offspring of well-known fairytales: Little Red Riding Hood, Prince Charming, etc. who are either Royal or Rebel.  You don’t need to know more. This is enough! Point is, because of this we themed the events for the party as if they were classes for the girls.

They seemed to like having a “plan” for the party and we moved them around the house in different areas to keep them interested and the flow moving forward.

First was the welcoming and signing of the book. In hindsight, I like this idea of the girls signing in a special book. We used the book for keeping track of presents received later on, and also of We had introductions and I like how they got a sense of who was at the party. As they came in and waited for others to arrive, they each had a place-tag with their name for where to sit, and a coloring page print-out of an Everafter High character. Each setting had a bottle of water with a character on it too.  I just stripped the normal wrapper and with clear packing tape put on a color image of an Everafter High character.  These were super cute. and the bonus is that they drink water, instead of sugar from juice boxes, and they refilled them from the fridge when they needed to.

First “period” was the Memory Game. We put a bunch of little items in a purse, unloaded the purse in front of them and let them look for 20 seconds. Then I put everything back and they had to write down the ones they remembered. They loved this! It introduced them to the game-playing, and to be honest, it was a simple plan.

Then it was on to “Fashion Emergency.”  This is an easy but active game, so you need a bit of space for running. Since it was freezing and rainy, we used our un-finished but clean basement!

Here’s how:

  • Take two bags and fill each with items to wear like: a robe, boa or necklace, bracelet, pretend or real high heels, tiara, purse.
  • Have them get in 2 lines (teams)
  • The first in line puts on all the clothes, with help from the next in line, and then runs to one side of the room and back again.
  • Once they are back, they take off the dress-up clothes and give them to the next person, and they go.
  • So on, until the relay is done and the winners are the team to finish first.

We had a tie. Peace was ours! But is was rowdy and loud! Loved this game.

Next up, was “Bakeology.” Decorate your own to take home (though only half probably could resist temptation!):

Cupcake Bar

The Birthday Girl had requested her favorite for dinner:  Nuggets and fries (and veggie tray). Thank you to my cousin for being a huge help getting this ready while I played fashion-ref!

After dinner, they went back into the basement for spin-the-bottle presents. Love this too, but with 21 kids, it got slow, so after a present was opened, that giver could go back upstairs for a game (with my cousin-helper).

And finally, cake! Trying to save money, it was homemade…and not so pretty to an adult…but for kids, it was great!

Everafter Cake

See? Not my best artistically, but it was so yum- I “doctored” it up from my recipes in “The Cake Doctor”book:

This book is great if you make “homemade” cakes from a box! They taste really good with some of this doctoring and honestly, this is a party for a ton of kids…I am not going to labor over a homemade cake. This is far too easy. And like I said, “Yum.”

So, then they went home, right? Well…it was a sleepover. Only half of the girls went home. So we had half the girls in one area, and half in another. It wasn’t too late a night; they watched a movie, ate popcorn with m&m’s, and actually brushed their teeth! Yup. They actually did, those good kids! The next morning was pancakes and bacon and cookies. You have to have a little joke on the parents and send their kids home with a little sugar in them, I think. This is the healthy-payback that you deserve after taking their kids for a night and giving them such a fun party!

I will do it again. I loved it~  Goody bags at the end were cute lip-stick holders from Michael’s Craft Store on clearance, Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, a mini nail polish, a mechanical pencil, and a few candies.

Birthday Favors

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