A Blessing for Baby

My sister is one pregnant lady. I’ll refer to her as “S.”

She is full of baby and belly, and is just a brief moment in time away from being a mom.

She had so many hand-me-downs from both myself and her husband’s sister (who has WAY better stuff to give!) so she didn’t really need a shower or for that matter want one.  My sister is very spiritual, and by her and her husband’s daily life, they practice meditation, yoga, chants…not anything that I am familiar with, but like a wise man said:

“You are my brother and I love you. I love you when you prostrate yourself in your mosque, and kneel in your church and pray in your synagogue. You and I are sons of one faith—the Spirit.”[Alexandre Najjar, Kahlil Gibran, a biography, Saqi, 2008, p.150]

That is to say, if you are thinking of the bigger picture- I am with you. So for my sis, her idea to celebrate the coming of Baby was to have a BlessingWay. I had never heard of this, but in a very general explanation, it is when a circle of friends come to bless both the mother and baby to come, with words, song or chant, readings, and stories of positivity and love for both.

This was easy to do , as S. has many friends and family who love her and are happy to offer words and love to bless this pregnancy.  We “Facetimed” in two people and my two daughters, and about 10 of S.’s friends and family formed a circle around her and her henna’d belly. We spoke of the gifts she will bring as a mom, and the advice we offer to her in being a mom.  We all brought a bead for her and for the baby to form strands that she could use to remember our words. What a lovely ceremony.  So different from a shower.  This was full of meaning and love and the focus was on the baby and and my sister…as opposed to the stuff that will soon overtake her home and life!

Now, I am NOT opposed to cute baby jammies, with the little feet and ears, and hopefully a tail or cute animal something on it- but…adding a little of the serious to the celebration, was awesome, and for someone who is non-traditional in her every-cell like my sister, a blessing-way was the perfect way to do this.

She gave me two links for more info:

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