A Mother of Four’s Multitasking Warning for the Holidays

christmas treeThis is a story only a mom could understand.  Well, that or someone who has a MAJOR problem multi-tasking!

Technically, it’s a story of how what happens when we try to “do it all.”

I’ll paint the picture: A nice December, Sunday; We had all just finished decorating our Christmas tree and commented on how great it looked.  My husband just left for the Y to get a workout in. I am home with the four kids (I have 6 and 7 year old girls and 2 1/2 year old boy twins).  I was 30 minutes away from sending the girls out the door with their aunt for a special trip to the theatre to see a Christmas Carol. I was trying desperately to brush hair, find tights, and barrettes before their aunt arrived… all while putting together a match-box race-car track that the boys pulled out of storage, frying ground-meat for dinner, and filling the Jacuzzi-tub with Clorox and water to give it a good cleaning. Hmmm. Sound familiar?

Many of you will recognize, that this sounds like a common day to day agenda, but the story lies in how sometimes all the balls that we juggle, just fall down all of a sudden

 Sort of like my ceiling.

I had left the water in the tub go on…and on.  My ceiling crashed down right on top of our beautiful tree.  What was 20 minutes ago, an average Sunday, was now total chaos.  Needless to say, after all was said and done., (which a lot was said by my husband, as you can imagine– and a lot was done and then done some more  to clean it all up… enter ServePro!) the ceiling is now up, and the room is repainted, and I can (almost) forget that it happened.

But I shouldn’t.  Either should you.  We should have a takeway from our disasters so that they don’t happen again.  I shouldn’t put so much on my plate, that I can’t finish it! I know that I will, as it is human nature– or atleast a busy mother’s-nature, to try to do it all, but doing it all at once, just doesn’t work for me.

What craziness!, you are thinking?! But I know you really don’t think that, because, like me, I know you do the same thing all the time.  I know this story runs a little close to home maybe?  Mullti-tasking is a mom’s way of coping and daily way of life mechanism.

Goal for the upcoming holiday season: Turn off the water.  Turn off the stove.  Count all my kids.  You get it, I’m just trying to AVOID disaster and keep everyone alive!  Lofty goals, huh?

I am trying to actually enjoy this.  One step at a time.