A Timely Reminder


That is the only way I can describe my last night’s meeting at my mom’s of twins group. First of all, let me say that I love, love, love meeting with other moms about well, being moms! We meet montly and listen to a speaker, or go bowling, or go for drinks, or just chat and snack and get advice from other moms in the same boat as us.

The first night’s meeting we decided to do a back-to-school group presentation by a woman who specializes in teaching other moms about eating better, and feeding their families better, in order to have a healthier lifestyle.  So good for me.

I know a lot about nutrition and good eating habits but it is always a good thing to be reminded and reexamine foods that I am feeding my family…like the ingredients in vitamins that I would not even eat in a food: aspartame, aluminum, and crazy food-coloring.  Oh man. I really needed this reminder of keeping healthy foods at the forefront of importance in my family’s lives.

I have a picky eater, so the trap that I can fall into, is feeding her nuggets, or pasta, or other not very broad-based foods so that she will eat more.  I know that getting her involved in shopping and discussing the nutrient value of foods motivates her…but time is of the essence and in a hurry, I just push food at them, to save a minute.

To save money, I also tend to stop looking at the nutritive value of foods, and focus only on the inexpensiveness.  Again, I know this is bad. Reality, is I have 6 mouths to feed and they all like different foods.  One dinner. Healthy dinner.

She had some great tips on getting the message to the kids:

  • Shop together- have them find an item with 4 or less ingredients.
  • Have them read the label to you.  If they see all the crazy chemical names, they get it.
  • Have them choose a new vegetable to try…any vegetable!  Worst case, try a fruit!
  • Watch Food Inc., Fed Up, or another documentary about the food industry in America
  • Go to the farm or farmer’s market to shop.  Discuss where the food comes from.

Three things she wanted us to take away were:

  1. Lower sugar intake for yourself and especially kids.
  2. Number two- I forget because I eat so much sugar I think.
  3. And thirdly,  on a different path, she warned to get rid of the antibacterial soaps and lotions, replacing them with natural versions.  I think I knew this too, but again, a reminder in the flesh is a great back to school thing!

If you are interested, she does one-on-one consultations, as well as speaking events such as the one she did for us.  Oh, and she makes snacks too! Yummy.  I am always a sucker for snacks.  Her company, blog, and book are Better Off Well, and her name is Donna Morin. I highly recommend looking into her website.  Good info! {I have NOT received any compensation for this recommendation.  I just think she was really informative and interesting and fun too!