All About H.A.G.- What I Really Blog About

So….Many of you have been with me here for a long while.  And many of you are new. I love ALL of you! Yes. I. Do.

No matter, how long we’ve had this little relationship, I want you to know a little bit about what exactly I blog about & how to find things on my blog.

Not in any real order, or regularity, I blog about topics that fall into 4 main categories:

Food: Both healthy (read: kale!) and indulgent (read: cookies!)

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You can find any recipe that I have ever created or linked to here, in the Recipe Archives section. I list everything by overarching topic: appetizers, mains, etc.  I also list all my meal plans or meal planning resources here- a great way to grab a plan for the week.

Home: Making the house more of a home, the kids and parenting, cleaning and organizing, and trying to live a little “greener.”

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This is a category that houses a lot of info! Lots of my discussions on parenting: lice, gratitude, and also de-cluttering the house, and trying to find products without all the chemicals in them to keep us all a bit healthier!

Fitness: Running and randomness here.

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This is a mix of any inspiring fitness tidbits that I write about: Whole 30, Races, or general fitness stuff. I am not a dietician or trainer, but I do love to talk and write about things that I love or that are working (or not working) for me!

Books: Book talking, Reviews, blogging info, and things to know from a Mom-Librarian perspective.

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I love books. And I love this blogging stuff. So I do a lot of book reviews, and blogging resources here. I run a series called HAG Favorites, which I keep in this little corner of the blog.

I have places to connect, on the sidebar too, so if you want to follow me or subscribe by email, you can do that.  My Pinterest boards and GoodReads are here, and I would love if you connected with me on those especially, since that is where I love to spend all my time!

So there you have it.  In essence I blog and write about lots of different topics here at H.A.G. I run a lot of reports to show me what people are interested in reading from me, so I change things up a bit here and there.

To see more of any of these, or to see an older post again, click on any of these topics from my header:

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Is there something you’d like to see more of on Hardly A Goddess? Reply in the comments with any likes or even dislikes!