Back in the Saddle

So my workouts have been on hiatus due to the incredible amount of boogers (sorry, but true) in my chest, head and nose.  Not being able to breathe is a real bummer when you are trying to run, let alone walk. So…I took about 8 days off. My intro back run was a 3 miler at an okay pace, and then a day off, and then today…

9.62 miles of hot, nose blowing, leg-shaking fun.  My goal was to go 10 miles, but I don’t have a cool watch to track how far I go, nor do I have a smart phone to strap onto my sweaty body- by the way, I think that would bug me.  I don’t listen to music, so no anything, but a water bottle, and my sneaks.  Which by the way, I am shopping soon for a new pair.  Stay tuned on that one, as I have some issues with lots of brands.

So the point of this post is to remind myself what I’d do differently next time I go for a long run:

  • Eat more before the run.  I only ate a banana and a handful of cheerios a half hour prior.
  • Run earlier.  I ran at kind of the hot part of the morning, so I felt the drain of the sun.
  • Get better sneakers.  I already told you that is in the works, and I know I need to because my legs feel it, and so do my feet.  I could almost feel a blister forming that last mile.

What I did right for this run:

  • I ate just a little before the run.  Too big a breakfast is gross and I won’t digest it.  I know this is exactly the opposite of what I said above, but maybe just a little more food would  have been okay.
  • My husband brought me water along the way.  What an awesome thing! He filled my water bottle twice as I was on the run, which was key, as I still needed tons of water after.  **I am super careful about hydration, as last year I ended up in the hospital after a week of running and never fully hydrating.  Seriously.  Water works.
  • I stopped and did walk breaks.  I have been reading a lot lately about walk breaks, so every 1.5 miles I took a 60 second break or so, just to breath, take a drink.
  • I brought raisins, hidden in my bra, to fuel up at the 1/2 way mark.

My goal, other than to do the long run itself, was to be injury free.  The last time I did a long run, I followed it with a sprint workout the next two days and I ended up ruining my knee for months.  Lesson learned, and now I am off to stretch.  My next workout will be a short run, and after that another short run or cross train.  Both days with stretching.  She’s back!