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I am a Librarian by day and at all other times a Blogger, so it is fitting that I have some great information for you on both books and blogs!

I love books and I love blogging.  I have a lot of gathered information on both topics to help you either find a great blog, know how to blog better, or find the greatest next book to read for you or your family.

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Tips and how-to’s that have helped me, or atleast guided my journey to blogging today.

Blog Clarity
She has courses, good advice, tutorial-like posts, and how-to’s to get me going.  I really like the thoroughness and style-tips: layout, color, user experience type posts here.

I read this in my RSS feed daily- has so many relevant posts on how-to topics and what I should be doing to keep up with the current flow of blogging. There are lots of guest posts from great bloggers, that gets me knowing lots of new sites.

WP for Beginners
Businessey blog- very perfect for WordPress basic fixes and know-how.

Pin Junkie
My new favorite haunt- this is a great blog for me for her great tips on using Pinterest!

Living Well Spending Less, Ruth Soukup
She runs Elite Blog Academy (too much $ for me, but I would love this!).  Wrote, How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul.

Life Your Way, Mandi Ehman
She has a great free blog course that is sort of a starter-kit step-by-step for setting up a blog; Has a lot of courses and e-books linked to other bloggers.

I can’t tell you how much I have left to learn, but I know it’s a ton.  Even in a year I have grown this writing and these pages and posts to exceed my own goals.  Now my only hurdle is making some money doing it.  I will keep you updated, on that one, because I am six months past where I thought I would be in that area!  So for now, I will love and keep my day job- which I also happen to be lucky enough to love, as a librarian.

And if you love reading, or seeing what other people are reading, join me on Goodreads where I share what I love to read, want to read, and can’t seem to finish.

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