Bring on the Fun: Summer Bucket List

splashing in the summer oceanSo it just took me three hours to go over our paper calendar that will run my life this summer! I registered for one camp for two kids, figured out payments for daycare for two other kids, and scheduled four other weeks out of camps. Had to figure out when our summer sport schedule starts and when that will fit in the mix to top it off. Miraculously we have two family vacations worked in there, and some random free Saturdays and Sundays. Beach, trips to Central New York, a half marathon, Hershey park, Storyland, Edaville – these are all on my possibles list.

I was forwarded a great bucket list of things to do with kids in my area and it is HUGE! There are some great ideas on the list, and so I am sharing it with you today. If you have any other ideas for me – especially inexpensive ones, I am open ears!

Here are just the first 13 edited to apply to everyone, from 365 Things to do in Southshore Massachusetts Definitely look at their link for the full listing because if you are from ANYWHERE, USA many of the items on their Bucket List are universal!

  1. Go see an outdoor movie
  2. See one of the free concerts in many towns
  3. Have a picnic lunch at the park
  4. Do a play date
  5. Go out for ice-cream *** Favorite
  6. Read  3 new books**** Favorite
  7. Take a hike
  8. Go to a Beach
  9. Watch Fireworks  for the 4th of July
  10. Attend a AAA Baseball Game
  11. Visit a farmer’s market
  12. Take the train into Boston and play tourist
  13. Visit a splash pad

So, how awesome and overwhelming is this? This is just the first 13! There are 100 things on this list, and I probably have 100 of my own, but haven’t gotten to writing it all down in one place yet.  Summer, I am ready, and off to a good start planning for the FUN. Bring it on!

What are your plans for summer fun?

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