BuluBox Review: A Healthy Product Discovery Box

bulu boxI received a free box of great Health samples from BuluBox in exchange for writing an honest review on the blog.  Read my full disclosure policy for more information on how I will always give you my honest opinion, regardless of whether or not I am compensated in any way.

What IS BuluBox?:

BuluBox is like many other monthly subscription boxes, in that you sign up for a sample shipment of products to receive for a given monthly fee.  The good news is that BuluBox is offering a discount from H.A.G. to try their boxes for all of my readers (end of post)!

From the Website: Bulu Box is the first health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box designed to help you feel your best. Each month, you’ll get a custom box filled with a new mix of 4 to 5 premium samples from top brands to try. Every sample is sufficient enough to decide if the product is right for you.

In sum, BuluBox sends you a monthly box of 4-5 random premium samples for you to try out.  If you like any product in the box, you can purchase the full size from them directly. The bonus is that if you review your monthly boxes, you get credit towards any of your full size purchases! You can earn up to $5 toward a full sized purchase each month for reviewing your sample products. Since I already got the box free, I am just giving you the lowdown of what I think about the BuluBox service.

Key Points

  • 2 box types: Health Only or Health & Weight Loss
  • There are 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions; You can cancel at any time.
  • You can gift the boxes.
  • Shipping is free.
  • Bulu Box memberships are $10 a month. Monthly plans can be cancelled at any time. If you sign up for a year subscription you get 1 month free!
  • You can buy the full size of the samples on the BuluBox website

Here’s what I got in my sample box:

Bulu Box

  • The Earth’s Care Anti-Itch cream (worth $1.09) will be a good natural poison-ivy itch cream and life-saver to have on hand during fall yard clean-up.earthcare
  • The Quest protein powder(worth $5.50)…well, I always like to try new protein for shakes.quest
  • The Movit Energy Gummies (worth $1.33 pack) will be great this next week of marathon training on my long run.gunnies
  • The Shapeology Garcinia Camogia (worth $1.00) is a appetite suppresent, which I am definitely not looking for, but interesting for those who’d like a stimulant-free fat burner.fat burner
  • The RUNA Tea (worth $0.38) has just as much caffeine as a cup of coffee but twice the antioxidants as green tea! Since I am trying to break my mid-day coffee, this is being enjoyed as I type (deliciously strong mint flavor- and I normally hate mint-teas because they are so weak!) and I will seriously consider this in the full size form!runa


I think it was a good box. Not great, but I have to say, it introduced me to products that I otherwise wouldn’t know about. That is the great thing about discovery boxes: If you love trying out new healthy products, the BuluBox lets you try before you buy…but if you wouldn’t ever buy new health products, this may not be your type of fun. The samples in my box, were worth $9.30; so if you break it down from what a full size product would go for…that is awesome since they charge only $10 per box to ship it! I like that they aren’t ‘raking you over the coals’ to sell you something, and I can get behind that completely.

As a side-note they have kind-of cute videos about some of the featured products, like the Movit Energy Gummies in my box:

The Deal

The good news is that BuluBox is offering a discount via H.A.G. to try their boxes!

Use the discount code SWEATPINK for 50% off a 3-month subscription to BuluBox (use at checkout from their site).

BuluBox website: http://www.bulubox.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BuluBox

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bulubox

Hope you enjoy and let me know if you try it!  I have to say, it is a bit fun getting a package in the mail for no reason and getting to try all these goodies out!


2 thoughts on “BuluBox Review: A Healthy Product Discovery Box

  1. Lucie Palka

    I think that the movit energy gummies would be the thing I would use the most. I haven’t heard of the BuluBox before! It’s nice to try smaller size of products before buying a big container and realizing it’s gross. It would be nice if they could throw in a regular sized item every month though!

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