Canola oil Chocolate-chip cookies

So, I have no butter, nor do I want any butter, but I’d like to make some chocolate chip cookies- and quickly. I have been following a new plan of eliminating foods, to see if I am allergic…I am not, but the up-side is that I feel really good! I don’t want to stop feeling this good, or frankly, to put back on some of that pesky baby-chub that I’ve managed to wrangle away.
So I don’t want to eat said cookies, but I want to make them, and I have just enough ingredients except no butter…in walks canola oil. Now, for you purists out there, I know I could use coconut oil..but I put it on my feet, and if I buy another jar for my cooking, I don’t really want to spend $10 and then decide that I don’t want to use it, because it reminds me of my feet…gross. So I chose canola oil. Try for the non GMO kind, but try it- this recipe is way healthier without the butter for my high cholesterol, and later, when I decide to tweak it some more, I’ll get rid of the sugar and eggs, but for now, I will make these for my neighbor…they’re going to love them!
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