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Ultimate Coffee: March Edition

ultimate coffee

Original photo by Michael Ramey @unsplash

Good morning! It got kind of cold here this morning after a teaser of warm weather. I am a Goldilocks weather person, meaning that I don’t like it too hot or too cold, so about 10º warmer would suit me just fine! It’s another first Saturday of the Month, and time for Ultimate Coffee where I share what I have been up to here and at home. So grab your favorite morning bevvie and let’s get chatting!

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If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I am on day-7 of my Advocare 24-Day Challenge.

So, really not coffee for me today! I drink this Spark:

advocare spark

I am all about this Grape flavor! I have a vat of fruit punch right now, but next time I am definitely ordering the grape. They have tons of flavors though, so I will be trying them all, I am sure.

So far, I love it. It is easy, I am back to eating well, and drinking tons of water. I am keeping a food log, and taking fiber and probiotics. Love this program for keeping me on track for health goals. If you want to check out the site or order, my Advocare site has lots of info, but can be overwhelming – I would go to the shop/products tab to get an overview of everything they offer. I love that I eat all the food- the only stuff I avoid is cheese, sugar, caffeine, and most processed food. I am not a dairy-girl so, the cheese is easy. We are really eating just like before, just more aware of the processed foods, like salad dressing and sauces. I have been eating some great meals, and this week, I plan to share more of what this looks like in meal-plan form.

If we were having coffee Spark, I’d tell you that I went running twice this week.

Which was a nice re-entry, but it’s been too long. I haven’t been able to run, since I had the flu/brochial thing that turns into Pnumonia. It is going around everywhere here, so it kind of derailed me for a solid month. I was coughing so hard, I gave myself an almost hernia- good news is that it is just starting to heal. Oy.

And my shoes are horrible! I need new running shoes. I had Brooks, but I can’t even use them to walk as they all of sudden are giving me blisters. Not good. I may go back to Nike Vomeros, as I liked them before, but I can’t remember what size or if I needed wide- so now I can’t buy them online, I have to go in person…and am delaying that for reasons that I don’t even understand myself!my old running shoes

If we were having coffee Spark, I’d tell you that I got some great reads in during February. 

I think the benefit of being sick, is reading. It is the only time, I can sit for a long time and commit to reading. I shared it on the blog, but my faves for the month are:

All the Missing Girls, by Megan Miranda


Big Little Lies, by Lianne Moriarty

These were both super fun reads. You can read my quick summary of them, and 4 more books that I read this month (!!What?!), or you can click on them, and Amazon can tell you about them!

If we were having coffee Spark, I’d tell you that my house is sort of a disaster.

We are getting our basement finished-whoohoo! I love it. I love it. Oh, did I tell you? I love it! But the universe loves balance, my friends, so we had a little calamity with our plumbing to calm my excitement over our wonderful reno. If you follow the blog, you know I overflowed the jacuzzi tub four years ago…well, same bathroom, but it was the plumbing in the sink that sort of exploded and water came down to ground floor and then the basement…

leak in our living room from the exploded pipes

This is the leak in our living room from the exploded pipes- the ceiling didn’t collapse this time!

Good news, is that the damage was so much better than it could have been, and we are getting there now, every day to a sort of fixed situation.basement remodel

It’s funny though. When you fix up your house, little by little, the old part looks so bad. Patience and being grateful are sort of things I have to remember.

That’s it- For such a short month, February was chock full of activity! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your Saturday and great Sunday tomorrow! Happy March! I am linking up with my other bloggers this morning over at

Thanks for coming by to chat~

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Ultimate Coffee Chat: February!

ultimate coffee

Original photo by Michael Ramey @unsplash

Hey, hey there…Good morning my friends~ Did you get to sleep in? Get your morning routine in this morning? Read the paper, have some coffee, get a good workout in? Nope? Me either! I am going to a basketball game, then some ice skating lessons, and then a birthday party- the fun never stops at our house! BUT. It has to start with coffee, so let’s chat about starting February!

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If we were having coffee I’d ask you How do you like your job?

I feel so lucky to have a job that has me at ease behind a desk, and able to have rest, free-time, and books all around me. Buuuuuut, sometimes, I might tell you that if I won the POWERBALL tomorrow- it wouldn’t bother me one little bit! Why I feel like I get SO much more accomplished at home then at work is beyond me- but I know this is a phase. February break with my kids at home and a few days home with them will send me to work, happy to go, and begging for my next work-day!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I decided to be an Advocare Distributor!

I did a 10-day challenge (like a reset of your eating clean) before Christmas and it was honestly the easiest and best clean eating reset type of thing I have done. I took lots of notes on what I ate and about the products so I will be able to share it all with you soon, but for now I have my Advocare website where you can check out all their products and they ship directly to you(!) I do need a bit of product education to bring me up to speed on everything they offer: general wellness, weight loss, and performance supplements and products, so I will be doing that this month quite a bit, and also starting my own 24 day challenge (which is a reset). Which honestly, when I ended my 10 day challenge, I felt so good, that I could have just kept going and going with it. The drink, Spark, is probably my favorite component of it all, as a coffee replacement- whoa?! Yep. No coffee on this thing! At least for a bit…I am still trying to figure out if it is the full 24 days or not!

spark advocare

Like my cup? Such an awesome pic! lol!

If we were having coffee I’d chat with you about the books I just borrowed to read for fun!

Big Little Lies, by Lianne Moriarty (audio book to entertain)

A Rule Against Murder, by Louise Penny (mystery)

At Home In Mitford, by Jan Karon (feel good)

See? These are fun! I started this morning with the Jan Karon book- whom I have never read any of her books, because they are “inspirational”, but I think that is fine with me (at this point anyway). She is one of the more popular writers among public library patrons, and people love her stories. The Louise Penny book is an Inspector Gamache book- the 4th of 11. I love her books and I have a stack of the series waiting to get to!  Big Little Lies is just for fun- no idea if I will like this.  I also have no idea when I should be reading them as I have a HUGE pile, but I want to- reading for fun is way easier- or it makes reading all the books easier, as it sets up a momentum.

And finally,

If we were having coffee I’d ask you not to call me after 6:30pm tomorrow. 

I will be watching my Patriots and the game they play. This little thing called The SuperBowl! And eating all the food. It’s all about the food!

Chicken Taco Soup, from me (!)Taco Soup

Jalapeno Popper Sliders, from Real Housemoms

White Sangria, from me again- this one is a MUST, and doubling it this time!Lemony White Sangria

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your Saturday and great Sunday tomorrow! Happy February! I am linking up with my other bloggers this morning over at

Thanks for coming by to chat~

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Weekly Wrap & Sunday Share

weekly wrap & sunday ShareIt’s Sunday my friends. A day of rest and family for most, and work for others (achem). I think with the new year, I have some new plans to stop spinning this blog like a hamster in a wheel. What do you say, I tell you what I’ve been up to this week and then you share in the comments and tell me what you did? Not the super boring stuff, but the stuff that stands out- Not all good and glitter, but the sticky stuff and maybe if you were lucky the sweet~ I’ll start:

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The blog…and I got published…TWICE!

My  blog network, SheKnows published two articles- which do not appear on the blog, but may soon! One is day-job related with the current topic of fake-news, “Go Tell the Kids: Not All News Is the Same” and the other is why I love and am now a convert to audio-books, “I’ve stopped judging and joined the cult of audiobook fans.”

Image: Paul Bradbury/Getty via SheKnows Media Site

Tops Posts on H.A.G were:

No-Mayo Broccoli Slaw with Pineapple & ArugulaNo Mayo Pineapple Broccoli Slaw

Adrenal Thyroid Revolution: Book Review

Classic Leek & Potato Souppotato leek soup

Music I have been loving:

Simon & Garfunkel- America…yes.

Adele: cover of Bob Dylan, Make you feel my love…..omg. so nice


I took my kids to see Trolls. Great kid movie. I have to say that I always have a hard time taking all my kids (ages 6-11) to watch something that isn’t age-inappropriate or embarrassing to them or to me and that they’d all enjoy, but this movie was great! The story line is positive and basically teaching that happiness isn’t something you put in your mouth (food, alcohol or drugs) is sometimes takes another person (love) to show you how to find it. While I wish it was just teaching kids to find happiness within themselves, it sort of comes close, with the Trolls doing what makes them happiest. Quite nice and the music was awesome- compiled by Justin Timberlake and had recent and retro hits.

The Crown on Netflix: John Lithgow as Winston Churchill is great but all the actors are just tremendous and it is a great binge-watch.

Lots of playoff games for football: the cowboys/green bay game was so exciting, but I now I get to watch my Patriots this weekend! Whoohoot!


Audio: Hagseed, by Margaret Atwood

So so good. I had no idea it was a re-telling of The Tempest by William Shakespeare, and I am glad, since I probably wouldn’t have read it! It was so well written and read…She tells a great story. Loved it and highly recommend.

Paper: Selection Day by Aravind Adiga

Admittedly hard to get into for the first half of the book as it dove into life in India and slang and talk of cricket, of which I learned a bit about- but it took a bit to get used as I was trying to follow both the story and the writing. I read Adiga’s book, White Tiger, which I loved, and I really liked this in the same way. It is Indian life- not like Jhumpa Lahiri, but more gritty, more rough around the edges Indian, if that makes sense. It is intense and full of India and feeling and he writes this to perfection, I think. But as for the story…I didn’t love the ending. Agh! So harder to recommend entirely.

Web: Things I read around the Web: Struggling with Meal Planning for your family at the Savory Nothings Blog- the struggle is real and strong, so I liked this read.

Home Life:

The stomach bug. Did you know that the strep virus can turn into Scarlet Fever? I thought it was a long gone with Helen Keller and the Pioneers…but then my sweet little girl got it, and it took a HUGE toll on her body and scared her and us a bit. She was that baby that you never knew was sick until she had a double ear infection and fever of 104*- a non-complainer. They are the tough ones, and we caught this thing when it was fully bloomed with a rash all over, nausea, and wicked sore throat.

If you give a pig a pancake.Not the book. My version is, “when you give a kid the top bunk…chances are he gets the stomach bug and he’ll get sick all over…” What can I say? I guess what my piece of wisdom to you is…dismantle your bunkbeds if you have them. Not because they are dangerous. Not because they are a pain in the neck to change the sheets…but that leads me to the real why. Because when your kid gets sick on the top bunk, it usually hits the kid and the sheets on the bottom. So you shower them at 3am, since that is when the stomach bug usually hits for some crazy reason, and then you do laundry for days on end. Terrible book, my version.

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