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Cleaning the Car Without Chemicals: E-cloth Review & Giveaway (OVER)

{Giveaway Ended 10/26/15)

So you know how much, I love my E-cloths for use inside my house, since I know you read my review for them a while back along with a fun giveaway.

Well, not to be outdone by the inside of the house, E-cloth has offered to do ANOTHER giveaway for H.A.G. readers (Yea!), and I have agreed to review….{drumroll please}…. the Interior Car Kit for them. Win. Win! And by the way…these little cloths aren’t only for your car- you can use these to clean your bikes after a long outside ride, or your boat if you are a boater (duh) and probably any outside toys that have chrome to polish and grime to clean!

Full Disclosure: I received a free Interior Car Kit from E-cloth in exchange for writing a review on the blog. However, and as always, any and all opinions are genuinely my own.

e-cloth auto

If you follow my blog, you know that I have been running a Clear the Clutter Challenge this month. While a lot of my clutter-clean up is focused on the inside of my house, you all know the garage is the palace (I did NOT mean to write ‘place’) of clutter for the outside…and the cars with all the shuttling to and from soccer practices, basketball, or road-trips can get pretty knarly themselves!

Before I get ahead of myself though, I have a few tips on tidying your cars before we even look at the dirt and start cleaning them and testing out the new cloths!

DeCluttering the Car:

#1– Get some bins to keep in the car. These can be bags or boxes or anything that will keep items from rolling around your trunk or under-foot as you drive (danger!)

#2 – Make an emergency kit- Both first aid and also think about what you need if you break-down. Make sure you have wiper fluid in the upcoming winter months, and a blanket if you have no heat for a while, as you wait for roadside assistance.  Keep kitty-litter in the trunk as it helps the tires get traction on slippery roads.

#3 – Get some winter floor mats.  These are made of rubber, so the salt and dirt on your boots won’t wreck the carpet in your car.

#4 – Have a permanent garbage bin IN the car. Instead of stuffing tissues in the side-pockets, maybe put them in a receptacle.

#5 – Put the toys in one of those bins (see #1).  Instead of books and markers flying all over your car floor, keep them all in a car-only toy place, that will be a busy-box of sorts for the kids to have.

organize the car

That’s it. Now on to the cleaning.

#1 – Take everything out.

#2 – Clean it. Test out the e-cloth. I used the Interior, e-Auto Car Cleaning Kit.  It comes with:

  • one 20″x16″ Glass & Chrome Cloth, one 12.5”x12.5” Car Cleaning Cloth, a Water Atomizer, and a laundry and storage kit
  • Glass & Chrome Cloth (grey) cleans inside windows, outside windows, all metals
  • Car Cleaning Cloth (orange) cleans dashboards, armrests, spills, inside doors, fabric upholstery, leather upholstery, outside windowscar kit

#3 – And finally: Only put back the items you must have, into a bin or some type of container: Toys, Snacks, Emergency Kit (may or may not include a trunk potty- mom’s you know you need this!)  You are done.

 The e-Auto Kit: What do I think?

Just spray the water and wipe. Can’t be easier. I am not sure you can’t do this with any little cloth and some water, but the beauty and difference of the e-cloth versus any old cloth in your house, is the e-cloth itself. No lint, and for whatever reason, it picks up the dirt unlike any rag I have.  You can check out their website for more info. on why they work so well.

I used the chrome & glass (grey) cloth for all the windows and the mirrors…and the glass parts of the dash. No streaks and no lint. It is way easier than window spray and paper towels- plus better for the environment.  Now, I am not saying that child labor laws don’t exist for a reason…but- using the e-cloths is a great and SAFE way to have your kids help you clean the inside of the car with just water and a cloth. You don’t have to worry that the twins kids will spray  each other in the eyes with chemicals or wash the windows with the leather-care cleaner. Not that this has happened, but it is definitely not happening with e-cloth! One of the many reasons why I really like this product. See what I did:

e cloth

before is pretty gross…I am not too thrilled about sharing that.

And this:


I had to keep going…I love my new clean car!

Once I was done cleaning, I put both cloths in the bag and threw them in the washer. I wash them just like regular cloths, but you have to remember not to use fabric softeners – which I don’t use anyway. Even if you forget and use the softeners, just run them again in a hot-water only wash and then they are fine again. Actually, these are guaranteed for 300 washes just like the rest of the e-cloth line. Easy.

Now that I have a dedicated set of e-cloths for the cars, I can store them right in the little bag and keep these in the garage on a hook, so I can find them right where I want to use them…always thinking, my friends!

Anyhoo…Now it’s your turn to try the e-Auto Car Kit! The people at e-Cloth have been SUPER generous to offer one of my readers a kit of their own to try (a $24.99 value!!). {GIVEAWAY ENDED}

e-cloth auto

Here’s How to Enter to win the e-Auto Interior Car Cleaning Kit: Giveaway open until 10/26/2015 11:59EST.

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A winner (U.S. residents, 18 years old and over only please) will be picked at random in 10 days! Good luck and clean & de-clutter on!

Check out more on e-cCloth:

T: @ecloth
I: @eclothUSA

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Happy October! A New Month-Long Clear the Clutter Challenge!

Happy October. I have a new challenge for you this month!

31 days

Clearing the cobwebs! I want to put up pretend cobwebs at the end of this month and clear out all the real ones! Now I am not talking aboutt mental cobwebs- those, you will have to deal with on your own (ginkobiloba!) The actual fuzz balls hiding the corners of my house are the dust-devils that I want to purge, and I have a plan that will break it down for us over the course of the month, and then I hope November will bring some other projects to ready us for the Eating Day. You may call it Thanksgiving. Ok then… And then there are a few other days in December that I need to get the house ready for, so clearing the path for fun is my end-goal here- are you with me??!!

Just like an archer, we need to be able to see the target, before we can aim to hit it- Let’s set up a plan of attack. Today is the first day of our first week. Each week on Thursday I will post an inspiring organizational tip or hack to motivate you on this project- The beauty of my checklist is that you can do it all in a day, or spread the work out week by week, or over the month. Join me!

clutter free

To keep you motivated all month long, HAG will post daily Facebook and Instagram prompts as well as weekly blog posts. Be sure to follow @hardlyagoddess and be sure to also share your own de-cluttering challenge tips & ideas using hashtag #ClearClutterHAG.

Join the challenge.  The worst that can happen is that you start decluttering and make a little mess.   But the BEST that could happen is that you donate and trash a bunch of stuff you never use and your house and mind are lighter, you have space to organize what you do want to have, and you can think about what you do want or need and make a wish-list for the upcoming holidays!

To join the challenge, click HERE to receive the Clear the Clutter Checklist. Or, you can follow along on at HardlyAGoddess or follow Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Best of all, it’s fun, it’s free, and you are Clearing the Clutter!

DIY: Clean Your Dishwasher with Baking Soda & Vinegar

clean your didshwasher

So, I just unclogged my upstairs sink (the one the kids use of course!) with my handy vinegar and baking soda trick.  This little trick is just to remove the stopper, pour baking soda down the drain, add vinegar and let them attack eachother like a sixth grade science experiment.  After you let them brew for atleast 20 minutes, you pour boiling water (I have tried hot but it really has to be boiling) down the drain.  It eats away at whatever is down my kids’ sink and slowing it to a crawl…most of the time anyway!

Since I didn’t take any pictures of this excitement,  I thought that the next best thing would be share some pics and a description on how to clean your dishwasher using the same two naturally environmentally-friendly cleaners: Baking soda and vinegar!  To help give me some clout, and so you will actually do this- I am crediting Bob Villa,

From the Bob Vila website- linked image

Remember him from This Old House? Here’s a side-note, and just a wee little digression: I think Bob Villa sort of raised me via my parents inclination to do everything that Bob did- with OUR old house, thus ingraining a can-do attitude in me that even though very often, I can’t-do, I think I can…Thank you Bob!  (Soooo I have a tender heart for anything Bob Villa)…

Okay, let’s continue!  Bob (I feel okay with the first-name basis), and also Better Homes and Gardens and lot of other clever folks all over the internet have websites on this same topic, and these sites gave me lots of ideas on this easy process. Here’s what you do, and what I did, in 3 easy steps:

  1. Remove the bottom rack of the unit and clear the drain of any food or gunk, wiping away what you can.
  2. Fill a dishwater safe container with one cup of white vinegar. Place this on the top rack- the rest of the dishwasher should be empty.  Close the door, and run a hot water cycle. Once done, remove the vinegar.
  3. clean dishwasherNow sprinkle one cup of baking soda on the bottom of the dishwasher, and run a short hot-cycle.

Now, Bob didn’t say this next part, but it sort of my step 4 and THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!

4. Take a toothbrush, some rags and wipe out any of the gunk in the little places that totally gross you out: all around the inside, the outside, the spray arm, the accessories.

This should do it.  I really don’t have an “after” picture, because the high-shine of the stainless is all but rusty looking on my camera…this would not prove my point of how much of an improvement this little chore did for my dishwasher in the least- so here is another nice picture that I took today instead.



See how pretty? AND the bonus is that you can see my little St. Joseph and Hula-girl in the window. Your welcome!

I am adding my link to Living Well, Spending Less, and also the PinJunkie where you will find lots of great ideas for your home!

And now, in honor of cleaning…only hours left to enter!: