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H.A.G.’s Uncommon Faves for Creative Gift Giving

I love finding great gifts that are perfect and unique, that you just can’t find in regular stores or on the majorly huge online ordering sites…you know, the one that my other gift guides for tweens, kids, and stocking stuffers are from!? Sometimes there are very specific people who need very specific gifts. Uncommon is your guy for these people!

This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods. See my full disclosure policy for details.

Do you know Uncommon Goods? They feature products for gift-giving that are design-focused. Some are hand-made and some are not, but they are all unique, beautiful, have great design, and are the kind of items that make you wonder why you don’t have this yet!

Here are my absolute faves from the site:

Favorite Uncommon Gifts

  1. Soup & Crackers Bowl– Because most of my friends LOVE soup for any time of day…and a built in spot for crackers…come on! This is genius. Yes, please!soup&crackers bowl
  2. Sneaker Lights– Because it’s cold and dark and I like to put reflective gear on no matter what when it’s even a little dark out. Safety first- and these aren’t easy to find, so I am putting them here for any of my runner friends!runner lights
  3. Owl Glasses Holder- Because most of my friends are wearing glasses, at least readers now, and owls are the cutest. I love this wood version, as it sort of fits with any decor.Glasses Holder
  4. Yarn Holder- Because yarn is a tricky thing! It gets tangled, and twisty and this bowl is a beautiful way to keep it together. Frustration be gone! This would make a nice gift for a knitter or crochet-er(?) in your life!Yarn bowl
  5. Donut and Coffee Earrings– Because they made me smile. Cuteness is never overrated. If it makes you smile too, buy these for someone you know who loves coffee and donuts too.Donut & Coffee earrings
  6. Organ Plushies- This is random I know! Because my best friend received a kidney this year, I LOVE this one. Giving a little plush-organ to a child or person getting an organ seems like an amazing idea that these even exist. Of course, the Pancreas is sold-out at this time, but then, you know it’s hard to get those…Organ Plushies
  7. Vase bookends– Because everyone needs to hold their books, and why not with fresh flowers, or dried, or fake (they are much better these days). I love how this would make a bookshelf pop with a little life and color!Vase Bookends


I had so much fun going through their site and making a list, that I also made a Library Lover Wish List for my book-loving peeps in the world too!

Uncommon Gifts for a Librarian you Love (1)

Uncommon Gifts for a Librarian you Love {hint, hint!}

Honestly there is a TON of fun stuff to look through here and find a perfect, very unique, very special gift for someone that you know they don’t have already, and most items are super affordable!

I chose these items as my absolute faves, but they have some already picked collections depending on who or what you are shopping for like

Gifts for Girlfriends

Gifts for Kids

Stocking-Stuffer Ideas

I feel good about shopping with Uncommon Goods, as they are a great company who supports good design, craftsmanship, and sustainability- I hope you check out their site and find your next great gift or create a wish-list of your own!

P.S. I have to add this one that I just saw, this morning! SO Awesome for that Space-Nerd in your life! A Space Duvet & Pillowcase!! I can’t even…Go Shop!

space duvet and pillowcase

HAG Favorites Uncommon Gifts

This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods. See my full disclosure policy for details.

Ultimate Coffee Chat: August Edition

ultimate coffee

Original photo by Michael Ramey @unsplash

So I have missed a lot. Well, I think that is clear. But I mean, I have missed you all a lot! This summer is flying by huh?!

*This post may contain affiliate links- see my full disclosure page.

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I haven’t done any back to school yet:

Not buying for or even thinking about. I am sure many of you have gone back to school already or your kids did anyway, but mine go back on the 30th. Whoohoot!  I only know this because I got sort of mom-shamed into not know the date my kids actually go back…but honestly, I rely on other people to tell me dates of where I need to be atleast half of my life. I seem to do a lot of running around in the summer as well as the school year, I guess. It has been so long since I have spent so much time at home and honestly, I have enjoyed the lack of schedule, but am looking forward to the routine that fall brings. Anyone else like this?

cute kids

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I am officially an iPhone gal now!

Those who know me, and most of you reading this do (!), know that I have been fighting getting a “real” phone forever. I have had a hand-me-down iPhone5 for a couple of years, and my daughter uses one, but I just didn’t want to be a slave to the phone- I am on the computer and social most days and a lot, so I just wanted my time to be less on the phone as a computer- get it? Three things pushed me to finally get it:

  1. I need it to find my way around this fall traveling all over for travel soccer- last year I got lost a few times and my kid and someone else’s kids (since we help drive) were late. Not good.
  2. My iPhone daughter doesn’t have a plan since she’s so young, but she can text- but not anyone in our house since none of us had iPhones. Just Samsung. Stupid Apple.
  3. I couldn’t get any group messages past three separate emails- my phone couldn’t handle the texts, and wasn’t able to “download” the messages. It literally sort of just blew up.

What I’ll miss:

  1. The unplugging effect. I am the only person I know who could actually not look at any social or email for a week of vacation…because I couldn’t on my phone.
  2. Now I have to see emogis. Ugh. They were just boxes on my old phone. *My friends, words work nicely. I don’t need a picture too. At least not every time. Memes and gifs on the other hand are super fun and will get me in a load of trouble!

iphone upgrade

Wow, I had a lot to say there. Okay then!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I am wondering if I should do another marathon or only do a Half.

It hurts, the marathon. Both the training runs that get super long and also the aftermath. My old-lady body doesn’t love it. I have always said that I am not sure that I am built for marathons and I still think it’s true. I can do it. I know this. So I am super glad that I have done my 2. But I take Advil more now. And it takes a lot of time to do those longer runs, and I am not sure I have that time.

The half-marathon I think may be my sweet spot. I feel great leading up to it, I get good times, I feel good after too. I have running consistently this summer, but I like fall races, so if any of you want to weigh in on this one, please do!


If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I have been working a lot more, writing posts here on the blog:

My focus seems to have shifted a bit more toward food- sometime healthy and sometimes just fun or functional for my 4-kid family. I don’t get a lot of action about my fitness-type posts but I like to re-cap in monthly posts like this one. Travel and food and books seems to be my jam right now. Oh, and randomness. That of course is my overall personality and blogging style, so friends, I am not going away, just shifting a bit! I hope you will continue to read here though, and connect in some way. 

If you missed them, here are some recent posts:

Nightstand: HAG Read for July

books I am reading this summer

Spiked Arnold Palmer Cocktails

Spiked Arnold Palmer Cocktails

Peach Sorbet

Peach Sorbet is non-fat and delicious!

Loving Lately: Favorites for Summer

Loving Lately: HAG Favorite Things This Summer

So that about wraps it up! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your Saturday and great Sunday tomorrow! Happy August! I am linking up with my other bloggers this morning over at

Thanks for coming by to chat~

*This post may contain affiliate links- see my full disclosure page.


Loving Lately: H.A.G. Favorites for Summer

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you order from one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation. It does not affect your price at all. See my full disclosure page.

Loving Lately: HAG Favorite Things This Summer

For Home

Call me crazy, but since my first job ever was cleaning houses and apartments… I really hate cleaning today. I know how of course, but I need efficiency. I have shared with you my great love for the window cleaning clothes of e-Cloth, and the love continues today:


But I have never shared with you, my great love for this guy:

The Dobie cleaning pads are plastic, so they don’t scratch, like you think they would- so my cast iron pans LOVE this pad, and my pans with cooked on eggs also love this. My ring around the tub loves this, as does the stainless steel grease catcher behind my stove. It also lasts a super long time- like 2 months! You can put it in the dishwasher to disinfect. I love this scrubbie, so I am recommending it today!

For Beauty

Next, I am sharing my new face cream. Nothing fancy so don’t get too excited! Just my normal eye cream turned night cream by Cera Ve.

Um…$13. Yep. That is about my speed these days. $13. night cream. It it not greasy, doesn’t cause pimples, which for old-person skin, that is super good, and also helps with wrinkles. Done. I am so done spending time and money searching out the next great thing for my skin…It is what it is my friends. Water is how I wash it and this is my night cream that I use after I use my Pure Haven Serum. Recommended for other low-maintenance women only. If you botox, you won’t love this. It is way too minimalist for you. Just saying.

For more minimalists out there, I also have been using this Dove dry shampoo like it is going out of stock! Dove is my current brand, and it has been a life saver, fixing my crazy morning bed-head and getting me out the door looking sort of normal- which isn’t easy with short hair…who ever said short hair is easy, has never had short hair- long hair swept up in a pony tail was my go-to style, so this short-hair thing needs product! This is what I use:

And of course since we have been in the sun constantly…I bought a cover-up. Finally. I got it on sale at Athleta, which is normally pretty pricey, but I love this style and the price was right (under $30!)


pic from website for Athleta

For the Kids

My kids are home from school for another month. They don’t go back until after Labor Day! That means I need lots of things to entertain them. My kids’ favorites have been their Legos. Honestly. They are finally old enough to build them themselves and also old enough not to wreck the older kids’ things that are so precious to them. But I am not putting Legos on my list of faves this month, but I am putting the Lego Life App, which is FREE and also a social way to share building cool stuff:

My friend has another Lego app for her 5 year old, called Lego Juinors Create and Cruise and I think it was super compelling and adorable with NO violence- thank you Lego.

For Eating & Drinking

These Spiked Arnold Palmers were a big hit at a recent party- sweet and with a kick! Perfect and easy to bring to a potluck, just remember to label it well to avoid a mix-up with kid-drinks!

Spiked Arnold Palmer Cocktails

and honestly…my favorite thing has been the grill! We are grilling every darn thing around here- like just about baking in it like an oven, to keep from turning ours on! Maybe that is bad, I have no idea, but it’s working, so I will keep going until…well, I will just keep going.

Hope you had some “favorites” this summer too- Leave me a comment so we can share the love!

Loving Lately: HAG Favorite Things This Summer

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you order from one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation. It does not affect your price at all. See my full disclosure page.