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Race Training…Again! Getting Back in the Saddle After Taking Time Off

I keep in touch with so many of you by sharing what is going on in my life, here on the blog, so if I don’t share something on HAG, people get like, “I didn’t know you were doing that?! Why didn’t you tell me?!”

So I am telling you. I am doing a marathon in October, a half-marathon in August and a bunch of little races in between, to gear up.

This has been the process that I do:

  • Take the winter off.
  • Feel like my body has a break from all the pounding of the pavement.
  • Mentally recharge, and put energy into other interests: food and books.
  • Get antsy to run when it gets a little warmer out.
  • Plan the big race.
  • Sort of plan, but usually sign up last minute for the little ones.
  • Reign-in on the winter-eating-plan (
  • Start a running plan.

Doesn’t that sound official? Haha! Sorry-It’s been a while since I have posted about running here on the blog, so I am out of practice. Actually, I have been running a bit here and there all winter, since it has been so mild, but I have been enjoying weight training, band workouts, PIYO, and walking. When I run and am not training for races, I don’t wear a watch and just try to enjoy myself without thinking about pace, or distance. I love getting back to that, but I lose motivation if I stay doing this for too long.  So a race is exactly what I need now to get my exercise mojo going!

*This is not a beginner plan. The long runs are long. So this plan won’t start for me until May 30th. Up to then, my weekly mileage goes up every week until I can build up my running wherewithall. It starts at 12 miles per week total, and gradually increases until 22 miles per week, and then I start!

Here’s Part 1 of the training plan:

Marathon Training week 1-9 | Hardly A Goddess

You can access the full marathon (as opposed to just HALF of a) training plan .pdf HERE in Google Docs. And then make any changes you want to it! You’re welcome!

I created it from looking at several plans, mostly these:

Jeff Galloway’s Plan– 30weeks
Hall Higdon’s Novice Plan (mixed with Novice 2, and Intermediate 1)- 18weeks
Hal Higdon’s Marathon 3 Plan– Run only 3 days a week (injury prevention)- 24 weeks
Runner’s World Half- Plan– double it for 24 weeks

Here’s how I tailor it to my needs:

  1. My previous experience with plans like these I listed above.
  2. Most importantly, my own personal schedule. I am not ever able to do a long run on a Saturday, as my kids have sports all year long, on that day. I bump it to Sunday, and then use Monday to do a rest day. It is just how I need to make it work for me.
  3. For the off-days, I will still do some weights in the 1st half of the schedule, definitely stay with the PIYO workouts (BeachBody), and the band workouts (LesMills, BodyVive). These have been awesome for both flexibility and strengthening my core, and hips…both need extra help to prevent injury, in my own experience.
  4. It is always open to change. I have learned that no one running plan is “the one” for me. I cross-out, write over, make changes as I go. Except with #5.
  5. Always stick to the plan as far as mileage. Always do the entire long run. Walk if you need to. Just don’t skimp, because the training is for your mental and physical readiness. You need to know how far you can take it to be ready to go the full 26.2 baby!

The second half of the plan, after my half-marathon, I back off on the weights a bit, and I switch to a 3 day a week plan, using that middle day for spin. This is a totally new approach for me this year, but my goal is to keep from injuring myself…I am no spring-chicken after all, my friends!

What are you doing for races this year? Do you take time off? How do you motivate to move?

*Please take this and all exercise, fitness, and health advice under care of a professional- Of which, I am not one. See full disclosure page if needed.

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Marathon Pictures: Finally Proof…

Yeaaaa! I have some proof of my marathon!

race photo

not me in the pic

I did a recap last week of the Ocean State Marathon, which I did on the 11th, that told of my utter dismay that I had absolutely NO pictures of the race.

Trying to be noble, or humble, I poo-pooed this little fact, but it really ended up ticking me off. I had NO pictures of what I went through.  My daughter was the one family member that watched the race, and honestly she is too young to take pictures…also I didn’t ask her to, or anyone else for that matter. I didn’t think it was important. But it was. All that training, the hurt, and the effort was all stuck in my head and I wanted to re-live it by looking at the pictures.

And then I got them (Halllah!), thanks to the event people who give free pics to race entrants. Now I have lots of memories…of the pain. The determination.  The effort. You won’t see me thumb-upping or high-fiving the photo-guy, but I distinctly remember being grateful and happy to be running my race. The one that I trained for, and wanted to finish…even if it was slow. I have proof. To myself, that it was real. These photos are so good for me.

Of course, there are some that are not so good…And  I choose not to put on Facebook, but I am sharing with you. Because I love you. And because you love me. Because I make you laugh and feel good about yourself, especially when I post this:


What the H-ll is this?! My leg. I know it’s my leg, but it’s like all the sun just made it a legit raisin. It’s my raisin-leg. It’s like all the veins are revolting against this running thing! Gross and scary! I far prefer this:


I like that you can see the pain in my face, the determination.  I don’t wear earbuds, so I was probably in my meditative-mode-mantra-making in lots of these. But the craycray-leg pic is actually my favorite…it makes me laugh. It’s like a great ad for moisturizer…or sunscreen. Oy-freakin-vey. Too funny. That craycray-leg ran 26.2 miles. Not too shabby. And now I have proof.

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The Good Run: 2nd Half of Story…The Color Run

So after yesterday’s post about my lessons learned on my “Bad Run,” I thought it appropriate to balance the story with a ‘Good’ ending! Well, not ending really, but you get it.

I have to show you in pictures the ‘Good Run’ because  clearly my words are just failing me!

before color

See? Right from the pre-beginning the focus is on HAPPY? I even put the tattoo of it on my face! Love my socks too- a special edition from last year’s race.

The race itself, is short, and sweet, and we were lucky enough to have a beautiful and sunny day to enjoy it. The focus is on fun, not your PR. That’s why they don’t have a face-tattoo of “PR” to handout (lol)!

This is the after the color run carnage:

after the run


so much color

Aren’t these crazy!? I wore a bandana around my neck to cover my fact, so I didn’t breathe in all that color- they literally throw it on you throughout the run and it seems weird, but is so fun!

Here’s my favorite:

color run

She actually didn’t run at all, but they gave her a medal and all of the kids of the moms in my group had a blast afterward with the color and the music and free samples everywhere.

This is a FUN, good run. Simple. I got to run, have fun with my friends, and best of all for me:

 I got my running mojo back.