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Top 6 Go-To Dinners to Freeze for Later

  1. Silver Dollar Pancakes
    Pancakes are a dinner-time staple for us, and for a quick meal my kids can make themselves, nothing tops this for me. I make these regularly to always have on hand.
  2. Cola Marinated Steak Tips
    Marinated the steak and keep in a zip-lock bag and freeze. As it thaws in the refrigerator, it’s marinating. Genius. Grill once fulled thawed.
  3. Pulled Chicken {Quesadillas}
    Make the chicken and pull it. Or buy a rotisserie and actually take the chicken off and pull it and then add the BBQ sauce (or not) and freeze. Once it’s pulled, you can thaw just a little to or the whole amount. Make the quesadillas, or use for another recipe.
  4. Potato Pancakes
    These freeze beautifully, and are another one where you can take out a little or the whole thing. These heat up easily in the microwave with no need to thaw them.
  5. Black Bean Burgers
    I love these as my own lunch go-to to add to salads, or make a sandwich. I can pull one or all of them out to reheat in the microwave or heat in a pan. You can thaw them, or heat frozen.
  6. Chicken Nuggets
    Do I need to explain? These are my kids’ favorite thing, and probably my husband’s favorite too. Once thawed these are good on top of a salad, or heat the whole recipe frozen into the oven as you would normally to get the best crunch when re-heating.

TIPS on Freezing Food:

  • Use a zip-lock sealable bag that is good quality. You spent the time making great food, so don’t get freezer burn. Why bother, when it’s so easy to freeze well?
  • Cool the food completely before freezing. It prevents freezer burn.
  • Add enough salt. When you freeze food, the salt kind of disappears (magic?) so I always salt something a bit more if I know I will freeze it- that or just know when it thaws, to salt it again.
  • Use a Sharpie. Label what you made. I also (magically) lose food that isn’t labelled. Don’t do that. Label instead.

That’s all I have my friends. I hope you will make-ahead a meal or two this long-weekend. You will be so glad you did, especially come that day you want to eat and no one is there to cook for you. Hmmm. So every day maybe! Get crackin’!

Menu Plan Monday: One Week in June

june meal plan | Hardly A GoddessI know that I told you that monthly meal plans have been great…but my boys just “graduated” Kindergarten, and it seems the summer craziness has already started! My schedule is a bit unpredictable and I think, honestly, a one-week plan of attack is the way to go. I have been throwing out unused produce and meat, and the only reason for this is that the one-month plan wasn’t working anymore. So here we are on Sunday, and I think I have a good, easy, plan with lots of leftovers for lunches and enough flexibility that I won’t be wasting food like I had been. Here you are:

June 5- June 11th

Spaghetti & Meatballs, salad (with lettuce from my awesome neighbor’s garden!), bread
Crockpot pulled pork, baked beans, salad
Breakfast for dinner (quiche for us, pancakes for the kids)
Sausage & Tortellini Soup & paninis
Pineapple Chicken (from my fave cookbook, Good Cheap Eats)
BBQ-Pork Quesdillas & cheese for the kids
Homemade Pizzas

barbecue chicken quesadillas

These are the BBQ Chicken, but I will just swap the leftover pork!

Quick & Easy vegetarian quiche | Hardly A Goddess

This quiche is perfect for a quick meal during the week- leftover veggies galore!

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Month-Long Meal Plan: May ~ Focus on Healthy

Month-long Menu Plan | Hardly A Goddess

Ack! It is May. As in right before June. As in tank-top and t-shirt weather. That means I have to keep it lean this month, my friends. If you’ve read this blog at all, you know I have lots of healthy recipes and lots of Whole 30 posts, but I am not up for that bit just yet. The plan this month is just to keep the simple-carbs at a minimum and to pump up the protein and veggies (at least for my husband and myself).

So the printable plan for the month is here. It is a Google Doc, so you can open it there and the links stay clickable so you can refer back to them.Meal Plan May Calendar | Hardly A Goddess

I have the idea that if I make ahead on Sundays a bunch of food for the week, I can stick with a good eating plan for lunches and snacks. So this Sunday, I am planning to make (Oops, maybe on Saturday, Sunday is Mother’s Day!):

Make-Aheads for lunches/snacks:
Grilled Chicken
Boiled Eggs
Roasted Veggies
Cut up raw veggies
Trail Mix

Enjoy & have a great May of eating!

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