Chromecast. I love this thing. I had just gotten a trial for amazon prime for the great free shipping over the holidays and absolutely love this! The next month, I would be billed for $80 and then get free shipping on prime items, get a prime book a month download for free and free streaming…my trial was key to deciding that my feeling for prime went from great to soso. My tv is too old to allow the streaming to tv option. Boooo! So any movie I had to watch on the iPad. Okay for the kids, but not so much for real life ” date night.”

But to my great luck, my dad had already and unbeknown to us, gotten us a 6month subscription to Netflix and a chromecast- which does work with our tv, and Netflix has some great movies…atleast for us, as we never go out at all, let alone for a movie. It was super easy to set up, as I did it while 3 of the kids were screaming all around me and I could still do it. Some call it neglectful, I call it focus!

If you are deciding on this kind of thing, I very much recommend it. No extra clicker, you just use your tablet (after downloading the free app) as the remote. And you can still use the iPad, while the movie runs on the tv. So nice.