Cloth Diapers 101

So I have 4 kids.  The first two I did not cloth diaper.  I kind of wanted to, but was intimidated by the whole process, and unsure if it would be too overwhelming, as I wasn’t even sure how to negotiate a baby in our lives, let alone learn a whole new process like cloth diapering.  I decided that I could do it late, if I still wanted to…Plus the expense of the initial investment seemed too much for me.

I looked at the moms around me, and everyone had the paper diapers.  In bulk. And would NEVER  cloth diaper.MoonDog balked at the idea, and told me he would NEVER change a diaper if I decided to use cloth (and he hasn’t!).

So given all this negative hyping, it is amazing to me how my stubborn will won out, and I asked for cloth diapers when I was pregnant with my twins.  My friends literally thought I was joking when I put it on my registry- They straight out laughed and most ignored it, but thankfully one cloth diaper friend, sent me my first cloth diapers!

I was scared to use them, and didn’t for a few months after the twins were born.  But I reached out to a few more people who cloth diapered as well, and this time, I had my diaps in a row, and decided to do it!

“Yea!,” me.

“Boo,” MoonDog and my DayCare Wonder-Mom said.  She was awesome and tried her best to be game, but with other kids and a sniffing dog, it became too much, and she asked me to send the twins with paper-diaps.  MoonDog is paper-trained as well (old-dog/new-tricks situation). He is very hands on, but also has his limits.

I get it.  I do.  It is poo.  Throwing it away in the trash is easy.  But I don’t mind my own kids doodoo, and being green, as I say, isn’t always the easy way out.

So at this point I cloth diaper when I am home, and use paper when I am not, or the twins are not.  I have lots of useful-to-me information on what works with cloth diapering, and what have been little failures and learning experiences (like don’t leave diapers in the wash mid-cleaning cycle, only to have your husband open the top of the washer and view a bunch of brown water!) Very bad.  So if you need some useful-to-you cloth diaper info., perhaps I can share some here.