Clutter Countdown Day 28: Control Center

Oh man.  This is the 2nd time I am clearing the decks on this one in just over a month!

For whatever reason the “control center” or some call it “command center,” is the catch-all for my family’s crap! Paper, keys, phones, chargers, loose change, school sheets to sign, lunches unpacked from bags, and so much more that can really add up.

Catch all

Take a breath! I know this is gross, but you will see how awesome 30 minutes of my kids plopped in front of a tv show was for me! (read: veeeery educational and child appropriate tv show.  Good mom.)

Anyhoo. Here is more of the “before”:

Clutter Clearing the Command Center

And the shelves up close:

Bookshelves de-cluttered

Gross! Okay, so now drumroll… Er, well.  Here’s the “after”:

After clutter clearing 20141028_112557

See the folders on the right?  that is the area where I keep papers from school for the kids.  The cubbies above this area hold music, sunglasses, and coupons.  The one area I would like to improve, but would need to spend money on (which is not today!) is the wires.  I would love a box that holds electronics and hides them while charging.  I have seen lots and lots but never can quite decide.

I had to show you the  picture of the doors shut, as that is even better, and less cluttered looking! But here is how nice my cookbooks look now:

bookshelf organized


Nice, right? Now I can see them!  Is it fun to see what cookbooks I actually use? I love seeing other peoples bookshelves- especially their cookbooks.  That HUGE blue thing is the cookbook that I use the most: Mine! It has all my cut-outs and copies and go-to recipes that I use over, and over in it, organized like a regular cookbook, except better because I use it all the time! That needs a night of browsing through and organizing all by itself!

So excited for this new little organizing project that was quick to start and finish! My 31 days are almost done! whoowhoot!  The keeping it up and nice and clutter free is the real challenge, and a daily one at that!