Clutter Free Day #14! Master Closet Re-do

If you’ve been following along, I have been slowly trying to get my house de-cluttered following a specific plan.  There are lots of other people focusing on organization right now, I think with the upcoming holiday season closing in on us.  I think the fall is a great time to organize, as it lets you take stock of what you have accumulated in the house for clothes, toys, and junk in general before it starts coming in again with Christmas or Hannukah presents and parties that you buy for to spruce up your home.

I have a running wish-list of improvements that I would like to make, and purchases that are needed to fix up our house, and I have barely made a dent in it in four years.  Did I tell you already, that I have 4 year old twins?

See how that works? Life gets in the way, as many of you know, but I still have some minor wish-list improvements that don’t require that I hire someone to do work, or spend money:

  • Decorate the front porch
  • Organize the “sewing room”
  • Frame and Hang art-work by the kids
  • Improve the window treatments for energy saving and beautifying
  • Paint – several projects with this one
  • Organize and put away clutter

See that last one? It is free and gets my house in good shape for functioning everyday, and for visitors.  In two weeks I have four of my girl-friends coming to stay the weekend, with their kids and one husband.  The week after that I have about 25 eight year olds coming for a birthday party.  So this de-cluttering project is very timely for me!

Enter today’s project.  The master bedroom closet and drawers.  Gone are the socks with holes, old clothes, and junk drawer next to my bed.  Now, my husband’s junk drawer will remain un-touched. That is his domain, and I am off the hook with that one.


de-clutter clutter23

Sometimes the  “before”s are pretty awful! I am trying! My mother would be appalled! But I am the proud owner of some straightened out drawers, and now onto Day #15 Master Bathroom de-Clutter…oh boy!