Clutter-Free Day #7: Toy Room Clean-Up

Welcome to Day #7. You are going to love this one my fellow mommies!

If you missed it, I posted Day #6 on Twitter and Facebook.  You can follow me there!

Day #7 is the one I need the most, and the one that will take all day today! It is not for the faint of heart, nor is it one that I do particularly well!


Clutter Free Day 7

It is time to clear the decks, people.   The holidays are coming, and even if you don’t get your kids a lot of toys, the grandparents and relatives will! If you are like me, you may even have a birthday for one of your kids that falls sort of close to December Toy-Fest as well, so you will need to clear our you existing stash to make room for the new.

Doesn’t this sound crazy?! Another blog that I have been reading as I follow the Clutter Challenge actually stopped buying toys for their kids.  While it may sound extreme at the outset, it really isn’t when you think about how many things just go to waste and are un-loved toys just sitting around.  It is no wonder kids have a sense of entitlement and a need for more, more, more! There has to be a balance.

One toy in, one toy out.  I think that is also a good policy and I know others adhere to this rule of thumb.

If we don’t play with it, it won’t be missed.  I have a huge bin ready to bring to the consignment store to sell so many of the baby toys that even my 11 month old nephew is over and done with!  My plan is to load it up and then fill another one with the older-kid toys that we need to purge today.  The girls are at school, so they won’t see me do this…always helpful as they can get a bit sentimental about their toys. Don’t get me wrong though- I have lots of toys to spare and I do plan to keep many, many crappy toys! Ugh.  This is going to be a long day.  I will post the “afters” here!

Here it is:

20141007_120321 Clutter Gone!It may not look like a pinnable post, but to me, it is a HUGE improvement and I took, 3 more huge trash sized bags to Goodwill.  I found a home for every little thing, and tossed a lot of missing parts to things.  I made appointments with two consignors to sell and put away a bin for my nephew of toys that would suit him. After vacuuming and getting everything organized, I feel like I got a ton done.  It was a good day.  #LWSLClutterFree!