Clutter Free Days 22-27: The Home Office

Day 22 – Home Office
Day 23- Bills & Paperwork
Day 24 – Digital Data
Day 25 – Photographs
Day 26 – Guest Bedroom- done!
Day 27- Craft Supplies- done!
Be still my heart, the weekend is over.  Sigh.
After a wonderful visit with 4 of my life-long (literally) childhood friends and their children this weekend, it is back to a quiet week of just the 6 of us in my somewhat (hahaha)organized home!  We are just a few days behind for you, so if you are following along the Clutter-Free path, we are just a few days away from the finish!
I have to admit that day 22 – HOME OFFICE has stopped me in my tracks.  I don’t even want to start.  Because then, I will have to move onto day 24 and 25 which are just looming above, as day-long, not a quick fix, type of projects.
Day 26 is done and so is 27; I keep my craft supplies to just about zero, now that I have kids, and use theirs instead!   I had gone through all their things at the end of summer, as I was organizing a bit before school started.  While it isn’t perfect, it is okay for now, and I’d rather spend the time in the office de-cluttering.
So, let’s start with some office inspiration as I try to get started in on the office, photos (online and printed), bills & paper, and computer files:
office ideas
Image Source Inspiration:
  1. Home Heart Harmony Blog: Command Center Central
  2. Bhg Blog: Crafty Living
  3. Bhg Blog

 Wow! I love the tech-organizer of the #1 picture, the wide work table of #2, and the comfort of #3.  All of them beautiful, and none realistic for me…but VERY inspiring!  As my lovely friend says, “it is time to create a vision-board.”  Yes, indeed. Time to get started with the doing, now, and not just the pinning!