Clutter-Free Days #9 & #10

Day #9 has come and gone without me, I am sorry to say. I started to look at the Dining Room, as it was assigned for the day 9 of the Challenge, but I got caught up in life. Dirty house, laundry, errands all conspired against my dining room clean-up.

So here I am in Day #10, with the Kitchen as the focus, and boy do I need it.  My husband just leaves baking dishes out after they are washed, because he can’t find a place to put them!  Also, my mom just gave me a huge bin of pans she won’t use and they are much nicer than my old ones, so I need to switch out and donate or junk a lot of my pans, and pots, and glasses that I just don’t need or use.

I actually have two eating area to go over today then: the dining area and the eat-in kitchen area which is clean but needs a cubby for placemats that we use there.

So, I don’t have pics yet, but I will post them later today.  I hope you will follow along!