Clutter Free Pre-Day #1Done

Pre-First Day of my newest challenge to de-clutter my house, and thereby increasing our home-happiness and order. Aghh. Sigh.  Will be nice and orderly around here.  Finally.

After signing up for the Clutter Free Challenge, I received a list of “10 Things” that I could do NOW to de-clutter my life.  Well then.  I guess I will start early. The program doesn’t even start until 1 day from now.  But then, I have a lot of clutter, so maybe this will put me ahead of the game.

#4- Remove 10 things from your closet and put in a bag to donate. 

  • Done.

#6 – Clean out a bathroom drawer.

  • Done.

Missing some numbers? I skipped those.  The reality is that once I start say, cleaning out the bathroom drawer, it morphs into cleaning the bathroom, running a load of laundry, and otherwise organizing my house in general…not a bad thing.  But, it is a bit distracting. I am so excited to go through my toy “situation.” And it is a situation. Truly an overflow of plastic and grossness.

All together, today, not having even officially started de-cluttering yet, I have 6 bags of kids clothes to give away, and three donation bags. Awesome start.