Coffee: My Favorite Meal of the Day


Please don’t tell me to switch to tea.

Please don’t tell me to try adding things to my coffee to make it more nutritional (butter, enzymes, minerals)

No. I like my coffee, black.  That is all.  Occasionally, I like a little bit of sweet in it, or a little cream…but then it is dessert.  Not my morning-coffee.

I know I should go organic, or herbal, or bulletproof. These are all healthier for me, I am sure.  But I tried to add coconut-oil today, and blend it to a froth (doesn’t it look good?), and tried to enjoy it…but I just couldn’t. I don’t really love the taste of coconut oil {gasp!}…or the texture {what?!}



I know you might be incredulous at this admission from me, but I just can’t mess with the one addiction that I have. Yes, I can do half-caff. That is fine.  But leave the rest of it alone, and leave me one vice and addiction that I can enjoy whenever I can~