Cranberry Simple Syrup: Drinks Should Be Pretty

cranberry simple syrup cocktail

Before I got into the kitchen today, I did a major overhaul and clean of my countertops and pretty much every surface in my kitchen.

So my recipe testing got off to a late start- but cleaning the kitchen itself, took me all of a half-hour. I told you before, but I will sing it from the roof-tops: I loooove my e-Cloth goodies. I can do a once-over in almost no time at all, and it makes a huge difference in time savings. I used the stainless cleaner with scrubbies, a window cleaner to polish all the stainless, and the general cloth to clean all the counters and the sink.  And only then….did I use my Aqua Sprayer Mop….oh Lawd! I cannot wait for someone to win one- I love mine so much! I think my family thinks that company is always coming now, since my house is actually clean!

Anyhoo. After all that excitement, I got to mess it up again. Remember when I posted the pictures of what I wanted to make this week, on Monday’s post? Well, one of the things I wanted to do was to make some drinks that looked sparkly and red and tasted like Thanksgiving. Enter Cranberry Simple Syrup. I shared how easy Simple Syrup is to make before, in my Tom Collins recipe, but letting it cook with the cranberries, turns it a beautiful red, and festive color.cranberry simple syrup

I love.

cranberry simple syrup cocktail


The Recipe?

Simple Syrup, if you remember from this post, is:

  1. 1 part water
  2. 1 part superfine sugar
  3. Simmer both until the sugar dissolves completely (about one minute). Cool completely and store.

But when you add the cranberries…It becomes:

  1. 1 part water
  2. 1 part superfine sugar
  3. 2 cups cranberries
  4. Bring all to a simmer over medium heat, and then lower to a very-low simmer for 10 minutes (keep very low heat, so it is not breaking the cranberries up). Cool completely, and strain out the cranberries, reserving them, and store the syrup.
  5. It keeps for about 2 weeks in the fridge. If it lasts. Good luck with that.

How to serve it?

Add 2 Tablespoons to a glass of white wine, champagne, or prosecco.


Add 4 tablespoons to some vodka and sprite (or seltzer).


If you just want a fruity “soda”, add 4 tablespoons to some seltzer, and you have cranberry soda- garnish with a lime and…

What do you do with the reserved cranberries?

Throw them in the cocktail that you made of course! They are a garnish…


Wait until they’ve cooled, and then roll them in sugar. Spread them onto a cookie sheet to dry for about an hour. TADAH: Candied Cranberries!

Which, by the way, is the way Martha even does it, I think. You can serve candied cranberries over ice cream, a garnish for cakes, or with brie for a yummo appetizer, or just bake some cranberry muffins with them- I could go on. Trifecta of win. cranberry simple syrup cocktail

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  1. Miz Helen

    What a great recipe and thanks so much for sharing it with us at Full Plate Thursday! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and come back to see us real soon.
    Miz Helen

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