Whole 30 Log: Meals & Feels

This is my daily log of what I ate and how I felt throughout the Whole 30 experience here:

Day 1

Meal 1:  Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, onion, peppers, avocado, salsa; raspberries, black coffee

Whole 30 Day 1

Meal 2:  Salad with poached chicken cut up, a hard boiled egg, homemade vinaigrette; and orange.

Meal 3: Grilled steak, baked sweet potato with clarified butter, cauliflower with seasoning.

WORKOUT: Just stretched this morning- coming off a week of total inactivity due to head and chest cold that is awful.  I am dosing with Mucinex and Advil (for cramps- awesome start to day 1!)

Pre/post Workout Meal: Didn’t do one, as the workout was so little- but I count it!

How I feel: Idrank only one cup of coffee in the morning and lots of tea as my cold is still bad.  I did drink a seltzer- but that must be okay since the ingredients are water and natural flavor (?) This is quite possibly my favorite thing other than morning coffee. If you are lucky enough to get Polar brand seltzers, they are awesome!

Overall I felt good, but again, it is the first day- the hardest part for me was getting three emails at work from my husband who is trying to eat what I eat.  “Hungry” was the subject line of each. He makes me laugh!  I had a meeting at a bar with some girls, and I ordered a water with lemon- it started a conversation about diets or eating and all four of us are doing some form of dialing back our food: two girls are doing 21 day fix, the other girl is staunch anti-sugar, but really a whole-foods kind of follower.  I love all these ideas- it was just nice to be around other people talking about the same kind of thing I am doing right now, so I don’t drive everyone crazy- or that they think I am crazy (though I may be).

 DAY 2

Meal 1: 2 fried eggs, 2 homemade sausages, raspberries,  sautéd kale, black coffee

Meal 2: Salad with chicken , avocado, and 1 hard-boiled egg, W30 salad dressing. Apple dipped in sunbutter, seltzer.

Meal 3: Almond crusted chicken strips, sauted kale, baked sweet potato with clarified butter, water.

WORKOUT: 1 hour spin

Pre/Post Workout Meal: Pre: handfull of cashews; Post: It was breakfast time, so it was Meal 1.

HOW I FELT : Spin went well- enough energy from the cashews, which I didn’t think I’d be able to eat- normally before a class this early (5am) I can’t stomach anything more than 1/2 a banana, so a protein is what the Whole30 sort of wants you to have.

Mid-day was the pause…looking for something.  My husband treated us to iced-black coffees. Love.

Dinner was fine, but my husband was looking for more…so he had some cashews.  I need to make extra protein, for seconds, but also for the next day.  I tried to make the homemade mayo from the Whole30 book=HUGE fail. I hate wasting good quality ingredients like that.  Instead of emulsifying, it was a gross, mess of curdle. Down the drain. Ugh.

 DAY 3

Meal 1: Frozen egg cups (2) and homemade sausage (2)

Meal 2: salad with a chicken salad made with vinaigrette, selzer, water

Meal 3: double pork chops (homemade lemon pepper subbed), spiced cauliflower, sauted spinach with garlic.


Pre/Post Workout Meal: none

HOW I FELT: Fine. I got a little hungry around 3 again.  But couldn’t have more coffee since I’d indulged in an extra cup at work.  Dinner was too late-8:00 and I was definitely feeling slow.  I am kind of already sick of cooking so much! Hopefully I can make some easier-go to -meals and just make them Whole 30 compiant, so I can get dinner on the table a bit faster and without a big to-do.

 DAY 4

Meal 1: Taco meat, fried egg, avocado, lettuce, and salsa (mini taco-salad)

breakfast taco salad

The white is egg whites!

Meal 2: Salad with grilled chicken, salsa, avocado, guacamole, water

Meal 3: Grilled cod with seasoning and clarified butter, roasted potatoes, ratatouie

WORKOUT: ugh.none

Pre/Post Workout Meal:...umm cheater, cheater. I had 1/2 a pecan larabar (all Whole 30 legal ingredients- but the plan really doesn’t go for snacks…

HOW I FELT: The little cheat, a mid day cup of coffee…these made it feel like huge indulgences, when they really weren’t.  For lunch, my mom and I went with the boys to lunch and I could eat on plan super easily- There may have been sugar in the salsa, but I didn’t use any dressing, and the overall feeling was that it was right on plan. I feel really normal- but don’t have any energy for working out. I am sleeping super hard, but unsure if that is just the nice weather and sleeping with the windows open! Liking the way by stomach seems pretty un-bloated considering this my lady-cycle (um- mentrual cycle) week.

 DAY 5

Meal 1: coffee, egg/veggie cups, homemade sausage

Meal 2: Salad, larabar (compliant ingredients)

Meal 3: Salad, beef stew


Pre/Post Workout Meal: none

HOW I FELT: So…I am starting to feel like I miss my workouts, but not feeling super energetic. I wake up with a headache this morning.  I had a conference for lunch, and had to make do with what they offered, which wasn’t much so I had a larabar in my purse- that is the good and the bad! I had people at my house for dinner- lots of wine- and I didn’t have any.  Amazingly I don’t really miss wine, I just miss people not bugging me to have a glass of wine!

 DAY 6

Meal 1: Taco meat on lettuce, egg. homemade sausage

Meal 2: Salad, roasted veg.

Meal 3: (here’s a little cheat) I ate a meatball, some eggplant parm and chix parm from our catered party- I tried to scrape off all the breading and just use the sauce, but I am sure I missed some…oh well. There is that.  Salad.

WORKOUT: 3 mile run

Pre/Post Workout Meal: none-

HOW I FELT – there was a party today, and then a firepit, that I missed out on…I hate that. I also hate feeling weird like how I have to explain why I am eating differently to people..It is a drag and kind of embarrassing. Physically, how I felt was good- so  happy to go exercise finally.

 DAY 7

Meal 1: 2 poached eggs, over leftover roasted veggies

Meal 2: (out for mother’s day) burger plain, with lettuce, tomato, fries, iced tea unsweetened

Meal 3: salad, avocado, Whole30 dressing,


Pre/Post Workout Meal: none

HOW I FELT: fine- good.

 DAY 8

Meal 1: 2 fried eggs over taco meat

Meal 2: veggies cut up dipped in sunbutter, 1/2 can tuna, 1/2 avocado, water

Meal 3: chicken, potato, spinach hash with apple and sunbutter

WORKOUT: wanh-wah…

HOW I FELT: I feel good, but I want to snack…I drink a lot of tea. And iced coffee, black, when the snack feeling is bad.  But I had the apple with sunbutter after dinner by an hour, so I guess that is technically a snack..I just felt really low energy and mad. I can’t really do that with 4 kids, hence the apple with sunbutter…

 DAY 9

Meal 1: Two scrambled eggs, with broccoli, scallion, parsely, and fruit salad (banana, strawberry)

Meal 2: Whole 30 Chili, Salmon Cakes on lettuce with oil and vinegar, 1/4 avocado

Chili and salmon cakes

Whole 30 approved Chili & Salmon Cakes

Meal 3: Salad with grilled chicken, beets, avocado, Whole30 dressing

WORKOUT: 1st intro to PIYO (not really a workout) and a 2 mile walk with my daughter.

Pre/Post Workout Meal: apple with sunbutter

HOW I FELT: In the morning, I was ticked off to be eating another egg.  I decided to switch up the menu and made the Whole 30 chili, which was really good. I love soup. I decided that soup should be breakfast more than once, so this will be my plan for tomorrow! I also made the salmon cakes which are delicious!!

 DAY 10

Meal 1: leftover Whole30 Chili, coffee

Meal 2: leftover salmon cake, with salad, a pear

Meal 3: 3 Peppered pork (adapted for Whole 30), broccoli, fruit salad, seltzer

double pepper pork chop

WORKOUT: lower and upper body PIYO DVD

Pre/Post Workout Meal: none- breakfast was after- and it wasn’t that much of a workout

HOW I FELT: Had a coffee mid morning- this is key, either mid morning or mid afternoon…If I didn’t like coffee, I would be up to my neck in tea, as that is the other beverage of fixation these days and the one I enjoy every night instead of something sweet!

Overall, I am over the excitement, and more, just fine with the days.  According to the Whole 30 timeline, on Days 10-11 I will be cranky and feeling “over it” in general.  I was a bit “Hangry” around dinner come to think of it…This is when most people quit. Not this gal.

 DAY 11

Meal 1: Taco meat, veggie, avocado omelet with fruit salad

Meal 2: salad with chicken, avocado

Meal 3: Steak with mushrooms, onions, kale, sweet potato

WORKOUT: 3 mile run

Pre/Post Workout Meal: beets/apple with sunbutter

HOW I FELT: True to the timeline for Whole 30, I did indeed experience a bit of crankiness this morning, as my body feels super heavy.  I slept through the alarm for Spin class once again- It seems really hard to get up from sleep lately.  Determined to keep the focus of the plan going, and know I need to make some food ahead of time, to help that happen, so today I made a chili again and kale salad for tomorrow~

 DAY 12

Meal 1: Breakfast out: Veggie omelet (no cheese!), homefries, coffee

Meal 2: Packed lunch: kale salad with sweet potato and W30 viniagrette, leftover steak from last night’s dinner, setzer, an apple

Meal 3: W30 chili, kale salad from lunch, strawberries, tea

WORKOUT: 2.5 mile run

Pre/Post Workout Meal: cashews/fruit with nuts

HOW I FELT: I am bored with food…and have a headache.  This is okay though, because my energy is actually okay, and I do feel good not to have had any kind of sugar for 12 days already. But my energy level is still lagging, and my legs are super heavy when I run…I am wondering how this may change over the next few days as my body gets more used to using fat for energy and not sugar.  And I am also nervous about how my energy and legs will do after the Whole30, since I have some major training to catch up on if I am going to still do some running races this year!

 DAY 13

Meal 1: coffee, egg scramble with veggie, avocado, salsa- apple and sunbutter

Meal 2:out: garden salad, oil and vinegar, water

Meal 3: left over salad with avocado and chicken added.


Pre/Post Workout Meal: berries/banana/cashews

HOW I FELT: This was a good day- I ate really well, and felt good and full of energy.

 DAY 14

Meal 1: Mushroom, spinach tomato, egg scramble with avocado, aidells sausage, bluberries and potato cake

Meal 2: asian coleslaw with grilled chicken

Meal 3: chicken legs, kale salad, potato fries

WORKOUT: none today- yesterday left me sore! Go PIYO!

HOW I FELT: Ready for a glass of wine…but didn’t! arg.

 DAY 15

Meal 1: egg scramble with Aidell’s sausage, red-pepper sauce, berries

Meal 2: left-over kale salad, hardboiled egg, chicken, berries

Meal 3: Asian meatballs, potato cakes, steamed broccoli, blueberries

WORKOUT: PIYO upper/lower workouts

Pre/Post Workout Meal: none- was before breakfast

HOW I FELT: Totally craving the sweets today! HAd some hot tea- fruit flavored to calm the cravings a bit- Fine by bedtime…

 DAY 16

Meal 1: 2 asian meatballs, red pepper sauce, 2 fried eggs, potatoes

Meal 2: leftover broccoli slaw with chicken, hardboiled egg, avocado, blueberries

Meal 3: kale salad and leftover chicken legs, and orange


HOW I FELT: My breakfast was HUGE. Too much, but extremely full!  I have lots of leftovers so I feel really good about having options!  My sugar craving are a bit crazy. Tea is just saving me but I hope this passes soon because I am way preoccupied with it!

 DAY 17

Meal 1: 2 eggs, 2 meatballs

Meal 2: Salad with chicken, avocado, W30 dressing, soup and strawberries

Day17 lunch Whole30

Meal 3: Beef stew (but I would call soup, since I couldn’t thicken it!)

WORKOUT: Ran 3.5 miles

Pre/Post Workout Meal:Post only: orange slices, nuts

HOW I FELT- Terrible.  I was just grumpy, mad, short tempered.  My intestines were screwy- which has been throughout this thing, but I haven’t really wanted to write about it- since I feel this is really important…I will leave it at this, but let you all know that things certainly change..  I thought a run would feel good, and it did- but my legs still feel heavy. I was hoping to feel a bit more energy (Tiger Blood, as they say in Whole30 land) by now~

DAY 18: Days 18-22 We were on vacation…to Hershey Park (Yes, the chocolate place…oh dear.) and at the mercy of “best case scenario!”

Meal 1: 2 eggs, avocado, mushrooms, kale, salsa, black coffee

Meal 2: Salad with beef stew leftovers

Meal 3: (unknown at this point- we are going to a friend’s house so as a guest, I will “do my best!”) salad with NON-W30 dressing, pistachios, water

WORKOUT: Run 2.5 miles, arm strength

Pre/Post Workout Meal: orange slices, nuts

HOW I FELT: Better this am.  Intestines still wonky. 1st non-W30 thing that I knowingly had.  I think being a good guest is important.  This is the start of a trip away from home for a few days.  I will have to stay on as much as possible.

DAY 19

Meal 1: scrambled egg, watermelon, coffee

Meal 2: Salad with Non-Whole30 dressing (Newman’s own)- nothing non-W30 on the salad, except the cheese, which I tried as hard as I could to remove…not easy. Almonds, an orange.

Meal 3:  Grilled chicken, nuts, NON-W30 potato salad.


Snack: Apples, nuts

HOW I FELT: I strayed from W30 on the potato salad, otherwise I would have had only chicken on my plate from my husbands family, who already was told that I was on a weird “diet” as the word got around somehow.  I guess I knew that would happen, and I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone or be ungracious.  It is just how I am wired- a people-pleaser. Pathetic maybe, but kind and sometimes the nicest thing to be. Just saying.

Overall, I am finding that I am grateful that I packed #1 almonds, #2 oranges, #3 apples.

DAY 20

Meal 1:  Orange, almonds, weird non-real-eggs from the hotel…so weird. coffee.

Meal 2: Salad with chicken, water, iced coffee

Meal 3: At Applebee’s I had a salmon with roasted veggies plate without the creamy sauce on top, unsweetened iced-tea.

WORKOUT: Walked from 10am-10pm in Hershey Park.

HOW I FELT: Maybe because I had potato salad off W30 last night or what, but I had my first (I warn you TMI!!!) good “situation” this morning. Joy.

DAY 21

Pre meal: (not breakfast, but not a meal/meal- more a snack)

Meal 1: scrambled eggs, potatoes, coffee

Meal 2: Salad with chicken, nonW30 dressing, water

Meal 3: OUT at a Brewery…you know it’s coming…Beer! Popcorn! Wicked cheat alert! Oy. It was good. According to the Whole 30 Plan, I should start all over…not unless I want a divorce- and I don’t!! I am deciding to just keep going beyond this misdeed! To be totally fair, I have to tell you , since I am a totally bad blogger-girl and didn’t take a pic of my food while on vacation- It was a concious choice…albeit a bad one, since I am dreaming of this popcorn! It  was brown-butter, rosemary salt, popcorn…Right? You would have done the same! Plus, after a day of Hershey Park nonstop with 4 kids….I full out wanted and deserved that mini-flight of beer. Yes. Okay half of it.

mom eating


HOW I FELT: See meal 3…

DAY 22

Meal 1: Orange, almonds, coffee

Meal 2: Veggie omelet, coffee, homefries (Diner)

Meal 3: Ground turkey with veggies ( a stirfry with tomato sauce, coconut aminos, rice vinegar-delicious!)


HOW I FELT: Back on the Whole 30

DAY 23

Meal 1: Aidell’s sausage, fried eggs, coffee

Meal 2:  salad with chicken and oil and vinegar (at a conference- great salad bar!)

Meal 3: hamburger without a bun with a tomato slice, broccoli slaw made with avocado, potato fries


HOW I FELT: Okay I am back from vacation, but into a conference for 2 days for the day-job…grateful for the awesome salad bar that makes my lunch a great W30 meal!  Starting to feel like I need a workout!

DAY 24

Meal 1: nuts and strawberries and banana (couldn’t face an egg or sausage today…)

Meal 2: Salad with chicken, beets, oil and vinegar. water, and an orange.

Meal 3: seeds and raisins, on salad with chicken and W30 dressing.

Snack: apple with sunbutter.


HOW I FELT: headache b/c I know I am not drinking enough water.  Also, I ate dinner way too early, so I needed a snack of apple and sunbutter.

DAY 25

Meal 1: fried egg  on a tomato slice and avocado

Meal 2: salad with chicken, avocado

Meal 3:Pulled pork, sweet potato fries, roasted tomatoes

snack: almonds

WORKOUT: 2.5 miles at speed intervals

Pre/Post Workout Meal: banana with almond butter/beet slices

HOW I FELT: fine, normal, good.

DAY 26

Meal 1: egg with leftover pulled pork.

Meal 2: salad with chicken, water.

Meal 3: burger on grill, few steak tips (unknown marinade), kale salad, fruit salad…..two UFO beers (Yes, This is NOT on the plan)

WORKOUT: 3.5 running miles

Pre/Post Workout Meal: nuts with golden raisins/ pineapple with nuts

HOW I FELT : Well, snacky. And sick of saying “no” which is why I said “yes” to 2 beers later in the night. Because I was at a BBQ at someone else’s house, and I wanted to. Maybe because it was the weekend, it is a little harder. As far as the run, it started slowly, but it felt good- I keep thinking how those nuts and raisins were giving my legs energy! (Half the battle is in the mind, people!)

Day 27

Meal 1: scrambled eggs, with veggies

Meal 2: salad with chicken on it

Meal 3: burger (no bun), homemade fries, salad


Pre/Post Workout Meal: none


  DAY 28

Meal 1: egg on tomato, salad, Aidell’s chicken sausage, avocado

Meal 2: Whole 30 Thai coleslaw, pulled pork, pineapple

thai coleslaw

Meal 3: baked chicken thighs, red pepper & cauliflower soup, salad


Pre/Post Workout Meal: none- it was breakfast

HOW I FELT: fine- still ready to finish this!

 Day 29

Meal 1: 2 fried eggs, over leftover coleslaw and 1/2 a chicken sausage

Meal 2: homemade chicken soup, potato chips, handful of nuts/raisins, and coleslaw (I may be addicted!)

Meal 3: Hamburger (without bun), homemade fries, salad


Pre/Post Workout Meal: none

HOW I FELT: Well, sick.  Not of the Whole 30, but I woke up with a bad cold and feel yuck because of that…but also hungry/snacky.  Feed a cold and all that…Yes. I am hungry. And tired, so didn’t work out. Fine. Bring it on… I am drowning in tea and water today.

Day 30

Meal 1: Fried egg, leftover chicken soup

Meal 2: leftover butternut squash soup from freezer, carrots and apple with almond butter

Meal 3: chicken legs on the grill, 1/2 banana with almond butter


HOW I FELT : So sick with a head and chest cold- I felt the need to feed today, but resisted the chocolate until my nightly-tea and then I had the “nugget”:



It had been waiting for me.

My wrap up for Day 31 sort of explains all the takeaways I had from the Whole 30, or if you want to see all the meal plans I will link them below:

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Good Luck on your Whole 30, or Whole Howevermanydaysyoucanmanageit! It was a great reset for me, and I will definitely try it again…but not for a while!

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