Day #13 of Clutter-Free Challenge

Day 13 of my 31 days challenge is the master bedroom.

I feel after absorbing Days 11 & 12 into day 10 (as they all related to a major kitchen de-cluttering) that I need to refocus my efforts a bit.  While my bedroom is generally not very cluttered, it IS dusty and sometimes the clothes just sort of find a home on my bedroom chair.

So, a little cleaning and de-cluttering of my clothes IN the drawers is where I focused my efforts today.

Out: holey sock, underwear, clothes for the summer, out of style clothes, clothes I didn’t wear all summer or last winter, shoes that I won’t wear more than once this year.  I think that is a good start.  Also, clearing out my bedside table to only have a lamp and a book is also nice.  Maybe some tissues; maybe an alarm clock – his and hers.

See? It’s so hard to clear the clutter! I need so much near me at all times it seems!