De-Clutter Day #2: Entryway

Welcome to my clutter-clearing during the next 31 days!

Today we are attacking the entry-way.

Three simple concepts:

  1. Get rid of things I am not using.
  2. Make it look pretty and welcoming.
  3. Organize it. Everything in its place.

Do you ever notice how much worse things look before they look better? My house has been looking so bad, that it is immediately looking better, with every passing day!

This is the before pic. Oy!

I truly feel like I am attacking this space.   Do you notice the crazy hat situation on the top shelf?  The vaccuum has its home in this, my only first floor closet.  It has to serve many roles, the most impending, being winter.  I need a place for mittens, hats, shoes, and backpacks when the kids come home.

My personal challenge is staying on task and not getting so into the project, that I ignore my kids, forget dinner, or do what I did 2 years ago.  That was not productive, and actually quite, counterproductive.  My goal is to improve my life; not take away from it!

So I moved some furniture around.  Made a list of the items I needed to measure and possibly buy.  I don’t want to spend money on this, but to be honest, I had to get organizers for the shoes.  We have so many shoes! I have a thing about taking off our shoes when we enter the house, and having my kids do this as automatic-habit.  It saves our floors, the dirt is minimized (if that is possible) and I just think it is gross not too. So this means, we have piles upon piles of shoes when you walk in my house!

Nevermind the “entryway” project – we have a back door too, as most of us do, which has an equal amount of shoes and clutter! Today, I mostly tackled the front, not including the porch, which I did put our fall porch chairs out, and took away the white wicker.  I am having MoonDog get a couple fall plants to pretty it up tomorrow while I am at work, so I feel this aspect is half done today.  As far as the back of the house, I will include that with the garage.

The problem for me, is our lack of a mudroom or real entry with a closet.  Our closet is after our entry, and actually in our living room! The back door opens right into our kitchen with no even little nook for a bench or cubbies.  I did install a rack of hooks in the back for hanging coats, and we have a boot tray for shoes there.


I know this pic is ugly, but the hooks actually look really nice!

I know this pic is ugly, but the hooks actually look really nice!

After I put this bad-boy up, I was feeling really motivated to keep going, so headed to Lowe’s for some organizing cubbies.

I bought one 3-cube cubbie, one shoe shelf, a small rug to sit underneath this, and some other little items too, as happens when I go there- love Lowe’s!

Assembly of the shelves was super easy with my girls still at school, and boys asleep for a nap (lovely right?).  I took out all the things from the closet, cleaned the floors and shelf, and got rid of all the weird things we don’t wear or need in this little packed space.  I added a hanging shoe rack that I stole from my girl’s closet with the excess of mittens and hats that I imagine are in my future.  I think they will be perfect to hide in here for the kids to easily get to. I put it all back, and here is the rest of it:


Nice, right?

Nice, right?

You can’t see the dark shelves, but shoe storage is aplenty in the bottom here.  And the top? Did you see the before with those hats?



Gross.  Now, I have lots of room, for even more cubbies.  I think I might.  But then again, today was just day 2, and tomorrow is another Clutter-Challenge.  At this rate, I may start to like my house soon.  This is pretty fun!