Do the Right Thing

Not always the easiest, doing the “right thing” can be harder to do the busier we are.  Atleast I find it to be so.  Holding the door open, pushing the button for the elevator, saying hello first, making eye contact and saying hello to a stranger on the street, giving a tip to the tip-jar.  You get it.

MoonDog and I were late getting somewhere and hustling our 4 kids- hopefully quietly into where we needed to be.  People held the door for us and one man that I know just a little bit, made direct eye-contact and said, “Good Morning.”  Simple.  Just that.  A little help and a hello.  That’s all it took.  I went from frazzled to breathing a little sigh of relief, that we’re all in it together.

That was yesterday.  Today I rushed to work, swore at a few crazy drivers, and was generally grumpy and ornery in general.  Travelled home. Swore at more crazy drivers, and tried to “run in” the grocery store to grab just one thing…All the checkouts, including the self-checkout were filled up.  So I waited.  I waited through 2 customers, and realized I  forgot my credit card. Mad dash to car, line even worse when I got home.  Terrible story, I know but it didn’t get better! It didn’t get worse, but it never got to the sigh of relief that I was looking for.  I tried holding a couple of doors, but it didn’t do the trick.

I will have to try holding more doors tomorrow. Say hi to strangers. Not go in to work.  And possibly not driving.  Then ask me if I sighed that breath of deep relief.  I hope so!