Eating My Way Through Rhode Island: Eat Drink RI Festival

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I am a Central NY girl. through and through. But I live in Massachusetts… And I eat in Rhode Island. At least if I can help it!

I clearly could go on. Oh, but I will! I am lucky enough to be going on April 28 – May 1, 2016 for the Fifth Annual Eat Drink RI Festival thanks to the generous people at Eat Drink Rhode Island. I have secured tickets in exchange for some blogging food porn and information sharing. I will be going to the Grand Tasting on Saturday the 30th! I can’t wait to share ~ and awesomeness of Rhode Island’s most talented Bartenders & Chefs!

Why is Rhody Food so good?

Surrounded by oceanCheck

Tons of small farms, sourcing local food- Check

Growing list of craft BreweriesCheck

Several long-time and new WineriesCheck

Arts Scene which brings on tons of support for local creativityCheck

An Italian Street dedicated to Italian foodCheck

A Major Cooking SchoolCheck

So…Rhode Island for the WIN!

What’s your favorite Rhody place to eat? Here are some of mine:

Some are fancy, and some are down-home and greasy, but they are all Rhode Island, and delicious! Check out the Eat Drink RI website or Facebook page for updates or information about the event. Hope to see you there! Let me know in the comments if you are planning on it!

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  1. Lucie P

    It’s sounds like a fun festival. We have a wine festival in NIAGARA, with lots of food. I love these types of festivals. I wish you a great time and I’m looking forward to seeing lots of pics.

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