Endorphines and Smiling

13.1 run plan

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So the Happiness Project went well…Here’s hoping that I lengthened my life for 6 months at some time in the future when I might really want it! I think a countdown of Happiness or Thankfulness is in my future, so stay tuned.

I’d like to switch gears here and introduce what I may start blogging about more in the next few months: running. don’t leave! I will tell you why I am so interested.  It’s more about a bucket list unfulfilled.

Last year, I was training, for a half marathon in November, when I got a bad knee or leg injury in October…and couldn’t run or even walk very well so I had to cancel my race. Boo. “Fine, no big deal,”  I would tell myself.  I stopped working out, then started getting up early and doing gym classes and biking to help stay in shape for when I could run again.  I liked it a lot.  Started to question why I ever focused on just running in the first place.

But lately, I have been feeling the itch to have a goal to move for.  I don’t go to the gym anymore, as I broke that good habit, when my sidetracks hit our family these past few months.  But I am really ready now to feel like I am doing something for just ME. Selfish I know, but with 4 kids and a MoonDog, I really need to schedule time for myself to have energy for them.

I read another blog, from a Fitness-Guru-Lady, Christine Dwyer, that pointed out that if we (moms/women) don’t schedule our time for exercise, it won’t happen.  After seeing my own experience with this winter, I know she is right.  If I had no kids, or even one kid, I think my flexibility to work out whenever it struck me, would be a lot easier, than trying to fit it in between their swimming, softball, school, ballet, acro, gymnastics….I kid you not! That is another post on schedules and kids! Balance people!

So, starting soon, I will be posting more about workouts, healthy food, lack of sleep…Ha!