Filling the Tank: Motivation & Inspiration Boards

Inspire & motivate

Are you ever in need of some inspiration to give you some Giddy-up-and-go in regards to your exercise routine?

Do you sometimes need a shove off the couch to get your workout in?

Ever hit that snooze button one too many times before the crack of dawn, and tell yourself that sleep is healthier than a workout?

If this isn’t you- and you don’t ever need motivation to get going, then I probably don’t know you very well, although I have heard that you exist!

I know some people just love getting up early to sweat, and I do enjoy my time…once I am in it or finishing it….but the getting up and getting to the gym at 5 am or earlier…well it is hard.

Sometimes I need more than a little push to get my mojo going, and I like to surround myself with some inspiration.  I have just created a ‘vision board’ type of thing: a little area that I tack up some sayings, or inspiring pictures to remind myself of the benefits of working out.

Things I include {don’t stop reading because this is cheesy- I KNOW it seemed cheesy to me too- but I did it anyway, and now I think I may really like these “reminders.”:

  • Simple phrase or words: living, being, love, running, girl-power, breathe.

Quotes are easy to find and change out as you want them~

  • Pictures: peruse some of your favorite magazines or the internet for words that inspire you to get out and enjoy a healthy life: a gorgeous beach, a quote to live fully, someone’s awesome abs, a yoga pose, person crossing the finish line.
  • PINTEREST/Social Media- create a board of motivating words, quotes, pictures that inspire (and don’t diminish ) you.  Leave off the pics of a skinny woman with ripped abs…you know she doesn’t have 4 kids or a job other than to look awesome! Tack up a picture of someone who is working for that body without having professional “work” done!
  • Pictures of your own accomplishments- Ribbons, Bib numbers, shaking the hand of a mentor
vision board

Be proud! You did it, and you can do it again!

Now, all you need is a little space- Make a wall of motivation with all of these thing tacked up and inspiring to you.  Don’t have a dedicated area to put a shrine to your workouts? No matter.  Print up one or two and post with tape on the inside of a cabinet or closet door or on your bathroom mirror.

vision board

All of these things help to visually inspire you and feed the tank of YOU.  Never let it get empty.  Do something for yourself today.  Make a wall or place that inspires you to BE AWESOME today- It can help push you forward from those moments (or days) when you feel kind-of un-awesome!

How do you motivate yourself when feeling low?

If you have made a vision-inspiration board, what did you put on it?