First Foul Ball


What is it with baseball?

We took the kids to a AAA baseball game tonight. Had to just ask the Moondog if it was AAA or AA…

“So AAA is better than AA?”
Him: yes.
“So then what are the professional guys?
Him: “Major leagues, but AAA is professional too, and AA too. If it’s not college, it’s professional.”

Am I the only one confused? I live just outside of Boston, and came from New York. If you didn’t watch baseball, you weren’t in a lot of conversations. That was me then, and that IS me now.

I have always enjoyed it, but never gotten into it, to the point of being a fan of any one team- or even knowing enough to pretend to be. But tonight at out AAA game, we had great seats. And I had to explain the game to the kids which made me actually pay attention to the game. I kind of liked it. I can totally see why people follow it, but I think now that my kids play and will play even more as they get older, I am bound to get more interested. It is part of the fan-dom.

It was really fun. Probably the best family night in a long time. Fresh air, ball game, kid catching foul ball, popcorn, family, interested kids and parents. Cheap tickets and easy parking. AAA baseball, I thank you.