FIVE things for Friday: Favorites

Without sounding too, too happy, Friday Five is my list of 5 things that I am so happy about this week!

1. My new oven! After living for two weeks without an oven…We got one from the GE Café line and I LOVE it.  It heats up super fast, the oven heats evenly and has convection, and it is sparkling-clean! I love, love, love this bad boy. I haven’t used the bake-bottom drawer, but for now it is storing the top grate and a pan that I have no room for. The light above this on the vent-fan is tremendous.  We have been in the dark!  Thank you GE for your awesome…because I have lived your un-awesome (read: dishwasher. erg).

new oven

2. My new fan and recessed lights in my kitchen. There was a spot of darkness, where no light could shine, right above where I do most of my chopping/prepping.  Awesome, right? Now there is light! I can see both my fingers and the knife! This is a good thing! We had them put in all over the ceiling, where there was no light at all.  The difference is amazing. The fan, isn’t really great, but it is very good. Our old one had a crazy huge light and was the color of a baby’s diaper…the after part.  Gross. No one wants a dirty diaper hanging from your ceiling…and then spinning around with lights. Not this gal.

new fan

3. Take your child to work day.  I got to have some much-needed one-on-one time with the “middle-child” who really needed this time with me. I can remember going to work with my Dad- to his “fancy” office, and seeing how he lived when he wasn’t at home with us…It felt like I was so special and it made me respect him for being so ‘important’ in his hi-rise office and taking me out to lunch at a restaurant (big deal to a little one at that time)! Now, the college library (where I work) experience isn’t quite like that…but it was REALLY nice, and she loved going to the college bookstore, campus Dunkin Donuts, mailbox, and meeting all the people that I work with. She had a good day, I must say. Love her.

take child to work day

Sigh.  Am just noticing that I look pregnant in this shirt. Shoot. That was my go-to shirt! Has it always made me look like that?  I will have to rethink that one…okay- moving on.

4. The Handana Giveaway.  It is my 1st time doing a legit giveaway, and it happens to be for a product and company that I can really get behind.  It is a thoughtful product story, made in the USA, and the company is woman-owned. Girl-power! Thanks to those who have entered- it makes a big impact in reflecting to the company how I can operate in a review/giveaway situation, so I really appreciate it!  There are still 3 days to enter if you haven’t yet-

Win a Handana

5. Today I am going on a “field trip” to a local tourist place with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and our kids since we are Spring vacation break.  I am so thankful to love my in-law family so much! We always have fun and lots to share and our kids know and love eachother to pieces.  It is a gift to my kids, but also for me as well. Xoxo to them.

What are 5 things you are happy about this week? I actually have a few more that I could tack on here, but I will reserve it…Too much positivity can be annoying. winkwink!

Have a wonderful weekend~

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