12 Days of Christmas Cookies

I posted early this week about the mishaps of previous years when I have multi-tasked my way to Crazytown, USA.  In the interest of my Insurance company, and my marriage, I am planning ahead this year!

I hope you will follow along with me for the next 2 weeks, as I blog about my favorite cookies to enjoy or exchange as presents.

Some of the recipes are new to my mix this year, but I have enjoyed them all at one time or another, always hoping to pull it together into a great cookie page.

Here’s the list for 2014:

The great thing about cookies is that they freeze well.  Left to cool, and then properly stored in a ziplock bag or container, they will keep until you need them.  Just make sure to keep each one separated so the taste stays true.  I have made the mistake of packaging them together and they all end up tasting like gingerbread.  yuk.  Wait until you plate them for giving or enjoying before you mix them together.

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