Free Ethical Shopping App: Makes it easy to do good!

Am I the only person alive without a smart phone?

I get made fun of a lot.  Let’s say that.  I did just get a “new” phone, but it resembles the kind your 13 year old would get for their first phone- or the one your grandmother has for emergencies.  Ha! Actually it is not so bad.  It saves us some money, which is not always as easy as asking if I “need” it or I “want” it.

Now that I am blogging more, I kind of “need” it for business reasons.  I have an iPad, which we use as a family for reading, playing games, watching videos and because of the day-job that pays the bills, I review a lot of educational apps for kids from kindergarten through college- and the adults that teach them.

In my reviewing I often come across apps that translate to my personal life, and I have a couple to share with you that are so fun and free!

Good Guide:  I had never heard of this, but it seems like the one-stop-PRE-shop place to check what you are buying before you buy it!  It screens products according to a scale based on corporate responsibility, green and ethical standards of the producer.  All items with good rankings will be environmentally friendly as well.  It needs a scanner app to work, as does the next one, but that is easy enough to find (RedLaser is a well known one).

EWG Skin Deep: Use this to scan toiletries like shampoo, make-up, soap to see how it ranks on a scale of 0-10.   10 is bad.  You want the 0-3 range to avoid buying a product with carcinogens and other ingredients that this group have found to be linked to cancer.  It is created by the Environmental Working Group, and if it is as easy to use as the desktop version, I am sure it will be a great app for you.

If you have a smart phone (Android, iOS) than you should check these out on your next shopping trip.  Let me know what you think!