Friday Faves! Things I am Loving Today…


Today I am sharing all the things that made me happy this week.  I need a little happiness, and to be perfectly honest I think we all could use some favorites to our days.  So I will keep this simple for you all, so you can move on with your day.

Here it is:

1. Coffee.  Sorry to be so boring, but my coffee is what I look forward to the most, with the exception of seeing my kids after they sleep all night.  Love that.  Black is my beautiful coffee…though in this picture it looks pretty weak!


2. Toms- Springtime means the end to the need to wear socks.  But this gal doesn’t have a pedicure yet- or any time in the near future! Toms are my favorite Spring shoes.  These are hand-me-downs but I would love another pair too!  If I click my heals together 3 times, I go to OZ. It is awesome.:)

Barrie Toms

3. The sun.  This has been missing in my life, and I thank G-D for the sun. Vitamin D is a good.thing.the sun

4. My mom.  Happy mother’s day to my mom. I am lucky enough to have her with me this Mother’s Day and I couldn’t be happier. Besides just the love, it is the ability I have to apologize in person, for every stinking thing I did that is coming right back to me in spades with my little people. Being a mom is hard work! But the benefits are awesome. Thanks Mom.


She would kill me..but I don’t think she reads this so I am safe!

5. My stainless steel e-cloth.  I am not just saying that because of the giveaway-  I truly love it.  Before, I hated my stainless steel because of all the nasty prints and how gross it got every day- now I clean it every day. Wet and wipe. That is it. Seriously, love this thing.  Spoiler alert: I think it would make an awesome mom’s day gift!



So that is it! Exciting stuff right? I am linking up with other blogs who love to post about their favorite things too, if you need a boost of positive-favorite-making-fun today:

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