Friday Favorites: A New Year, Week in Review

So, I set some goals. Like we all do. Not resolutions really, since I tend to want to break those immediately. But goals. Of course, you don’t want to read my goals, and I don’t really want to read yours probably. Just saying.

This is not me telling you about my goals. It is about a recap of the good and inspiring things of my week- A welcome-back week at work, after a super long and fun break. This is what I remember anyway (since it is really just all a blur!) of all the memorable takeaways of this week so far:

What I Made (Food):

Spit Pea soup from: Pattie Tierney’s Blog


I didn’t use the bay leaf because I didn’t have it.

I used my immersion blender after the additional 60 minutes and before adding the ham meat back in. Un.freaking.believable.

I am NOT putting in a pic of this. Not that it doesn’t look lovely in person…it just looks like baby doodoo on the web. So…you’re welcome.

Chocolate Zucchini Bread from me. A standby. That and the Chocolate Chip Banana bread are my current constants in this house!more chocolate bread

Chicken with Trader Joe’s Masala Sauce..omggggggeeeee. yes. And basmatic rice. I almost forgot that part.

Prepped Cilantro/Lime Chicken for fajitas whenever I feel like grilled chicken again, from:
Pack Momma Blog

Ham Salad Panini from Rachel Ray’s cookbook, My Year in Meals (2013). I am not a huge RR fan. However…this was fantastic.


This linked recipe is a bit different from the book.

My recipe differed from the book, in that I added pickled peppers instead of her “red Fresno chile.” What?! Yes, my pickled peppers did the trick. Also, I added 1 Tbsp. of light mayo, 1 Tbsp. pickle relish, and I used cheddar, not gruyere cheese. I didn’t use asparagus. Still delicious. As in, sososo delicious. I wish my mom could have had some-she loves ham salad. Yum.

TED Talks/You Tube/Videos I watched:

Changing the Game, John O’Sullivan. This guy’s video is the sha-zam. I loved it. Kids and sports related.

5 Ways to Listen Better, Julian Treasure, TED talk. For sure, I need help here!

Meet Mena Trott, Original blogger, as in the originator of blogging, TED talk. Inspiring.

Books Reading:

The Marriage Plot is my audio book for the 3 days that I commute for 3 hours each day…so it is fun reading!

And Marian Keyes, The Woman Who Stole My Life (I love her) is my nighttime reading. Her writing reminds me of a grown-up Bridget Jones type of main character, and I looooove it in small but delicious doses. Right now, it is my thing.

Shows watching:

Biggest Loser. I hate that they eliminate anyone. Can we just say, how wrong that it is, but the fact that they give them support via a year paid membership to a gym IS a big improvement for what they used to do…plus I love that they get psychologists helping them while they are there. That is very sensible, and I love this show a little too much. The husband however, refuses to watch, so I go upstairs and indulge my Biggest Loser sensibilities.

The Affair. Obsessed. Showtime is awesome. I am waiting for Homeland, am excited for Billions, and love but also hate The Affair. Sometimes it is hard to watch. Honestly. Like watching a Larry David lookalike lawyer, defend a douchebag cheater husband, who is a really good dad. I am torn. It is pure entertainment.


I just joined up with Cartwheel from Target. Seriously? Seriously. I have no smart phone, but you can print out the savings pass and well…I save $25 on a $70 shop. Yes. That is a win. I love Cartwheel, and the jury is still out on Target. We shall see.

I also just received UGGs for my kid. Ridiculous, but she is brand, brand, brand obsessed. Karma is a beeeeatch. Parenting is hard. She normally hates us, but Santa was kind. There is that. And the fact that she now is going to return them (her choice) for the non-brand…because they are better. Yes. The fickle mind knows what it wants- some of the time. Until it doesn’t.

This is it.

That is the extent of my exciting week. Fun? I think so! It was a good week all in all. I managed to get outside every day for a walk. Being outside every day even when it is super cold is a goal of mine this winter, so I feel great about being able to do it. I also, read for one hour every day this week. Another goal. Not a bad start to a new year.

How’d you do? Any awesome or fun things you want to share? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. luciepalka

    Split Pea Soup, that’s a good one for this weather! Right now I’m reading on of Maeve Binchi’s short story books, that’s all I seem to have time to read lately, but I loved the Bridget Jones series, so I’m interested in the book “The Woman Who Stole My life”. It was back to the grind for me this week, The only fun thing for me is seeing my twin sister this weekend!

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