Friday Favorites: Things I loved this week!

This is a little random. I have loved a few VERY random things, not the least of which are my 4 cutie-pie kids!  Look at how cute they are, all lined up…

cute kids

Yes. Moving on…Other, very interesting things that I loved are not quite so moving, but FUN for me and hopefully you too!

Here we go with some very random things that I loved this week!:

Off-brand smooth Flossfloss

Good braces and DNA put my teeth really close together, so I need a slippery floss. The name brand stuff is too pricey for me, but luckily the store-brand saves the day again. Why do people fall for this? Marketing, my friends.  Name brands, only sometimes matter. Maybe with SPF, but not so much with floss! This is my guy. The old-school floss, makes it so you will never, ever want to floss- which is gross. So I love this inexpensive, slippery floss.

Cere-Ve Under-eye creameye cream

I neeeeeeed this.  I saw a review in a magazine, and I like the brand so I tried it.  I have extremely sensitive skin, so I am always wary about what I buy for my face. I love how this comes out in a tiny (literally, such a tiny opening, so it comes out in a very tiny amount) amount so I don’t waste it.  It is also thick, so I can cover my eyelids, but not fear that it will drip into the eyeball. Eye creams are usually gross and sticky and sometimes in a little pod- which is very unhygenic, if you think about how many germs from your fingers go into and around your eye, this could be a problem.  Not with this guy- so that is why I love it.

Ezekial bread

breadBread for grown-ups. I hate kid bread. So I love this.

My e-cloths


Cleaning has never been so easy.  I did a review for them a while back and because I liked the products so much, I asked if I could review more products! So, FYI, they are going to send me some new products to sample soon- and I can’t wait! I am like a proselitizing crazy person, telling anyone who will listen, how much I love these things! The window cloth alone…I am in love.  Stay tuned to win some here over the next few months!


I have been loving up the salads every day for lunch or dinner, and sometimes breakfast with an egg on top.  My husband thinks this is really gross, but actually it is super delicious!

Target brand Almond Butteralmond butter

Cheaper. Like by $3. Thank you Target for taking my $100 that I spend on “who the hell knows what” and letting me save $3 on your Almond Butter.  That is why I keep coming back. Love/hate Target, but love/love the almond butter.

And I would be done, but I had to do another “cute-kid” pic:cute kid

Friday’s most favorite of all…love her face…why does facepaint make kids so happy? I don’t know, but she wanted to sleep in it- then agreed to take it off, if I snapped off a picture- actually she needed about 10 pictures, but this one is my favorite.

Have a wonderful weekend! I am sharing my favorites over at Life In Leggings today, if you want to check them out too for some faves~

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